03 August 2018


BC Paperback

170x210 mm



256 pages

Search Press

Making & Marketing a Successful Art & Craft Business

by Fiona Pullen

A revised and updated edition of Craft a Creative Business, this is a must-read guide for anyone wanting to turn their hobby, craft or art skills into a successful business.

Fiona Pullen, owner of The Sewing Directory, covers every aspect of setting up a small creative business clearly and simply; giving advice on the importance of identifying markets, focusing on a USP (unique selling point), assessing the competition, making sure the price is right and setting goals. Also included are sections on product photography and videography, branding and legal matters. 

Particular emphasis is placed on online selling, with detailed information on markets, blogging, using social media and the importance of analytics and SEO (search engine optimisation). Information on offline selling is included too, with notes on selling at craft fairs, trade fairs and markets, selling through retail outlets, running courses and workshops, and featuring work in the media. Every chapter is supported by practical activities to help you apply the lessons to your business, along with insights and advice from dozens of successful business professionals including Debbie Shore, Torie Jayne and Laura Strutt. 

Book Contents

Foreword by Abby Glassenburg and Kristin Link co-founders of the Craft Industry Alliance
Your business and this book
Where do I start?
Self-employment and you
Is self-employment for you?
Before you begin
Getting started
Legal matters
Your business and the law
Learning the law
Taxes and accounts
Funding sources
Insuring your craft business
Presenting your business
Visual marketing
Social media
Using social media
Why use social media?
Providing value in your social media posts
Which platform to use?
Dos and Don’ts of social media
Setting up your social media presence
Next steps
Other useful things to know
Online communities and content marketing
Selling online
The online marketplace
Learning the ropes
Legal requirements for selling online
Setting up a website
Search engine optimization
Content and SEO strategy
Analysing your site
Online advertising
Selling offline
The offline marketplace
Why sell offline?
Selling at craft fairs
Selling through art galleries
Getting your craft products into stores
Getting featured offline
Promoting yourself offline
Networking at events

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