08 October 2018


BC Paperback with foldout pattern sheet

204x260 mm



80 pages

Search Press

Sew Perfect Pets

by Helen Rhiannon

Want to show your love for animals in your sewing projects, but feel you need to sew more practical pieces for your home? Look no further than this gorgeous book by designer Helen Rhiannon!

In Sew Practical Pets, 18 whimsical and imaginative animal-themed projects have been designed not only to add character and colour to your home, but also to serve as functional items that will last for years to come. From useful items such an owl doorstop, a snake draught excluder and a sheep hot water bottle cover through to an elephant tea cozy, fox pillow and doggy oven mitt, there is a cute and handy little creature for every room. For kids (and the child within us), Helen has also included beautiful cat and dog toys and an animal-shaped apron.

Key techniques and basic materials are detailed at the beginning of the book, and all of the projects include easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. Templates for all the animals are provided on a fold-out sheet at the back of the book.  

For sewers of all abilities, bring a touch of playfulness and practicality to your home today with these fresh faux animals that you'll soon love as much as the real guys!

Book Contents


Materials & Equipment

Basic Techniques


  1. Owl Doorstop
  2. Cat Toy
  3. Dog Toy
  4. Snake Draught Excluder
  5. Doggy Oven Glove
  6. Elephant Tea Cozy
  7. Sheep Hot Water Bottle
  8. Frog Peg Bag
  9. Bear Laundry Bag
  10. Piggy Pillow
  11. Fox Pillow
  12. Butterfly Place Mat and Coasters
  13. Hedgehog Pincushion
  14. Bunny Bottle Holder
  15. Cow Shoulder Bag
  16. Fish Pot Holder
  17. Penguin Apron
  18. Mouse Egg Cozy

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