15 August 2018


BC Paperback

170x220 mm



128 pages

Search Press

Five-Minute Watercolour

by Samantha Nielsen

Many novice artists are intimidated by the prospect of trawling through very technical drawing books, especially given our busy day-to-day lives. Five-Minute Watercolour is a handy companion as you explore your artistic potential by sketching in watercolour in five minutes you can produce a great painting that you'll be proud to keep and share.

Discover 55 bitesize exercises, written in jargon-free language, to help you make watercolour painting a part of your day. Starting with advice on the basic supplies you will need, professional urban watercolour artist Samantha Nielsen takes you through all the techniques required to begin and pursue your creative journey - from brush control to using warm and cool colours, followed by advice on implementing these techniques such as painting skies, seascapes or people. Samantha then helps you take it further by showing you how to capture movement and create depth. Every spread in the book features five expert tips and ideas, as well as examples of amazing five-minute watercolour sketches to inspire you.

For new and aspiring artists everywhere who've dreamt of making art a part of their working lives, this pocket book is perfect for you.

Book Contents


Chapter 1: Tools - Essential art equipment you'll need and advice on how to use them before you start

Chapter 2: Techniques - Basic watercolour techniques

Chapter 3: Implementing Techniques - How to use the techniques in the previous chapter to paint your chosen subject, from painting landscapes and skies to individual subjects such as flowers and people

Chapter 4: Take It Further - With the techniques from the previous chapters under your belt, learn more advanced skills and theory to take your paintings to the next level; from capturing movement and exploring artistic license to understanding colour swatches and what other materials you can use, in conjunction with watercolour, to add depth and interest

Key Elements - Bitesize chapter summarising basic art theory, from perspective to essential shapes



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