24 September 2018


BC Paperback

216x276 mm



128 pages


Stitch Draw

by Rosie James

A guide to figurative stitching with the sewing machine using the thread and needle almost as a pencil. As a look that is growing in popularity, figurative stitch work needs some guidance. Here, Rosie, a leading exponent of the style, reveals the basics but also how to expand your repertoire to really showcase your creativity.
The book covers: How to set up your machine; How to tackle drawing (with exercises that will help even those who are afraid to put pen to paper); Transferring drawing to cloth, working with transparency, different surfaces and adding fabrics and colour; Photography, with details on using photographs in textiles; Putting it all together with layering images, playing with scale, repetition and composition. Stunning work by Rosie James and other textile artists who work with figurative stitch are featured throughout the book.

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