21 December 2018


BC Paperback flexibinding with flaps

204x260 mm



208 pages

Search Press

Mary Thomas’s Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches

by Jan Eaton

This classic book has been the go-to embroidery reference work since it was first published in 1934, owing to its clear instructions and huge library of stitches.

It includes full illustrated instructions for over 400 embroidery stitches, ranging from simple border and outline stitches, to filling stitches, canvas stitches and pulled fabric stitches. Scattered throughout are dozens of inspirational embroideries to show the stitches in use.

This detailed guide is ideal for those starting out with needlework as well as more accomplished embroiderers looking for inspiration for different stitches and techniques. This new, redesigned edition includes the internationally renowned embroiderer Jan Eaton’s revisions to the original text, and includes a preface by famed embroiderer Mary Corbet.

Book Contents

Introduction 6
Outline Stitches 10
Border Stitches 24
Composite Band Stitches 52
Isolated Stitches 66
Open Filling Stitches 80
Solid Filling Stitches 96
Detached Filling Stitches 108
Straight and Slanted Canvas Stitches 118
Crossed Canvas Stitches 132
Composite Canvas Stitches 150
Insertion Stitches 164
Edging Stitches 170
Cut and Drawn Stitches 178
Pulled Fabric Stitches 186
Index 208

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