20 March 2019


BC Paperback

190x235 mm



64 pages

Search Press

Making Soap

by Kathrin Landmann

Beautifully photographed, this beginner-friendly guide has everything you need to make 18 lovely soaps. Inspirational for seasoned soap-makers as well, the recipes use only natural ingredients that are kind to the skin and our environment. From olive oil to juniper and cucumber to honey, there are lots of gorgeous fragrances and colours to satisfy everyone.

With comprehensive information on where to start and what you need, the book includes essential tips on utensils, safety issues to consider, and by a step-by-step guide to making soap. There are also useful sections on fragrances and natural colourings and additives such as coffee and cinnamon. This book tells you everything you need to know about making your own hand-crafted soap, using tools most people already own

An addictive hobby, you will find yourself making lovely, personalised soap ideas for gifting.

Book Contents

Foreword 5
Principles 6
What is natural soap? 6
The soap maker’s language 6
Working utensils for making soap 13
Safety first 15
Making soap 16
Fragrances, colours and additives 18
Soap recipes 21
Soap on a rope (basic recipe) 21
Confetti soap 23
Olive oil soap 25
Salt soap 27
Coffee soap 29
Life is better at the beach 31
Orange & Neroli 33
Salt water soap 35
Juniper Berry 37
Genie in a bottle 39
Almond milk soap 41
Guinness soap 43
Soap cupcakes & floating soap 45
Detergents 47
Shaving soap 49
Cucumber soap 51
Patterned soaps 53
Honey soap 55
Troubleshooting 56
Solid fats and butters 58
List of saponification numbers 60
Sources 61
Thanks 62
About the author 63

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