17 May 2019


BB Hardback

155x215 mm



112 pages

Search Press

Pocket Pompoms

by Sachiyo Ishii

What could be cuter than a woolly pompom creature? With Sachiyo Ishii’s ridiculously loveable pocket-size creations, you have all the ingredients of a fabulous, fun book! There are 35 imaginative designs for animals, birds, sea creatures, bees and other insects accompanied by clear, step-by step instructions.

With sections on materials, tools and basic techniques, you have all you need to get you started. Learn how to make the pompoms, attach them to each other and needle felt on features such as faces, ears, arms and legs adding the features is where their characters really come to life! All the pompoms can be made from scraps of yarn in your stash and each design uses only small amounts. You can be up-to-the-minute with plastic pompom makers or keep it traditional with the cardboard ring technique.

Sachiyo’s delightful designs include a ladybird, a fox, a hummingbird, a hamster, a dolphin and a hedgehog. With beautiful photographs to show off these charming pompom creations, this is sure to delight young and old alike.

Book Contents

Introduction 8
Materials & tools 10
Techniques 14
Monkey step by step 24
Dog step by step 28
Projects 32
Fox 34
Bunny 37
Panda 40
Mouse 43
Owl 46
Brown Bear 48
Cat 50
Lovebirds 52
Teddy Bear 54
Hedgehog 56
Koala Bear 58
Seal Pup 60
Pufferfish 62
Hamster 65
Spider 68
Robin 70
Dog 72
Sheep 74
Chicken & chick 76
Bumblebee 78
Ladybird 80
Caterpillar 82
Turtle 84
Snail 87
Squirrel 90
Penguin 93
Dolphin 96
Pig 98
Duck & Duckling 100
Hummingbird 102
Toucan 104
Crab & Hermit Crab 107
Ostrich 109
Index 112

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