22 February 2019


BC Paperback 16-page b+w double-sided perforated pattern pullout

203x254 mm



112 pages

Search Press

10 Easy Stitches

by Alicia Burstein

Get your creative juices flowing with the 10 easiest and most popular embroidery stitches! Alicia Burstein expands the boundaries of contemporary hand embroidery with super-fast ideas for the impatient sewist and dazzling motifs for slow stitchers. With just a needle and thread, you can create 30 unique projects to wear, use and display. Learn how easy it is to stitch on unconventional materials such as canvas tennis shoes, a denim skirt or leather bracelets. Change the patterns to fit your unique style, and branch out to create your own custom designs.

  • Master 10 simple, versatile hand embroidery stitches, each with clear instructions
  • Sew more than 30 useful embroidery projects, from household items to clothing and wall art
  • Embroider on anything you want to, and get expert tips for hand stitching on unusual materials and ready-made items

Book Contents

Learn It
Needles and Fabric and Thread, Oh My!
Other Stitchy Crafty Supplies 
Transferring Patterns
Projects on Display
The Fun PartThe Projects!
Stitch It 
The Big 10
Straight Stitch
Stem Stitch
Split Stitch
Chain Stitch
Satin Stitch
French Knot
Lazy Daisy
Blanket Stitch
Woven Wheel or Rose

Thread Sketching 
Pile on the Glitz 

Feathered Jean Skirt
Winged Shoes
Collar and Cuffs
Sweater Elbow Patches
Stacking Bracelets
Heart Rhythm Workout Tank
Constellation Mini Hoop Necklace
Trim a Men’s Classic Shirt
Under the Sea Baby Clothes

Beaded Christmas Ornaments
Rainy Day Baby Mobile
Painted Grocery Bag
Reusable Snack Bags
Skull Heating Pack
T. rex Stuffie
Emperor Penguin Pincushion
Pretty Girl Handkerchiefs
Sashiko Book Covers

Thread Sketch an Autumn Tree
Immortalize a Hand Drawing
Gray’s (Not Grey’s!) Anatomy in Blackwork
The Red Thread of Fate
Woodland Animals Nursery Art
Pretty Butterflies
Mandala Dream Catcher
Polar Bear, Snowflakes, and Glass

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