05 October 2011


BC Paperback

216x292 mm



72 pages

Search Press

Ready to Paint

Ready to Paint: Tulips

by Fiona Peart

People who want to learn to paint flowers without relying on their drawing skills have everything they need in this book. Fiona Peart’s expert use of bright, clear watercolour washes to create beautiful flower paintings is fully demonstrated in this inspiring book on tulips. The tracings and clear step-by-step photographs explain the painting process in great depth and make it easy for readers to reproduce all of the projects, which include tulips in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.

Book Contents

1) The only book in the market that concentrates on painting tulips.
2) There are six tracings to pull out so that readers do not need to rely on their drawing skills one for each of the five demonstrations and one bonus tracing.
3) Simple instructions and clear step-by-step photographs show readers how to emulate Fiona’s intuitive yet carefully controlled techniques.

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