27 August 2019


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The Art of Annemieke Mein

by Annemieke Mein

"Annemieke's exquisite textile art makes my heart sing! She is a master at bringing to life her wildlife subjects with needle and thread. What a glorious collection! A must-have for every textile enthusiast."
- Mary Corbet, Needle 'n Thread


The textile works of Annemieke Mein display a rare standard of artistry. She has explored beyond the bounds of craft and developed new techniques in her use of textiles and fabric paints. The illustrations in this book show how textiles can be used as an exciting sculptural medium. The artist's three-dimensional creations are works of extraordinary skill, born out of a passionate commitment to the environment that she observes with a loving eye.

Annemieke uses an amazing variety of materials - silk, wool, fur, cotton, synthetics - carefully chosen for their colour, texture, credibility and aesthetic appeal. These fabrics are then meticulously painted and stitched to faithfully reproduce her chosen subjects and to enhance the tactile quality unique to textiles. Numerous techniques are used in limitless combinations: hand and machine embroidery, dyeing, appliqué, trapunto, quilting, pleating, felting, beading, weaving and plying.

The work of Annemieke Mein will leave the reader breathless with wonder. It encourages an awareness of our natural heritage and of the need to preserve it.

Previously published in paperback 9780855329778.

Book Contents

Foreword: Charles McCubbin ix
List of Works xv
Profile: Phillip Mein 1
Author’s Note 7

White-faced Heron 12
Coastal Banksia 14
Eastern Water Dragon 17
The morass Sale 19
Bush Jacket 21
Maternity Dress 21
Dragonfly Cape 23
Lacewing Vest 24
Butterfly Ties 25
Fisherman’s Tie 25
Grasshoppers 26
Frogs 30
Dragonflies 32
Cup Moths & Larva 34-36
Sawflies 38
Superb Blue Wrens 41
Christmas Beetles 43
The Potter Wasp I & II 45-46
The Old Lady Moth 49
Squabbling Gulls 51
Pink Emperor Gum Moth I & II 54-56
Above the Channels 59
The Nest 63
Case Moth Cocoons 64
Emerald Moth on Banksia 66
Fallen Red Gum Log 69
Fallen Branches 70
Silvereyes 73
Ameinus McCubbinonymous, Lepidoptera 77
Mythical Moth 78
Mating Mythical Moths 81
Slate Pencil Sea Urchin 85
Barnacles 88
Mussels and Kelp 90
Wattle Seed-pods 92
Here She Comes! 94
Early Birds 98
Lepidoptera Quadripartite 100
Freedom & Samplers 104-106
Night Flight 112
Fantail Rhapsody 115
Fantail Night Watch 120
Southern Blue Gum Blossoms 122
Flight Dust 124
Butterfly Dust 126
Pittosporum Seed-pods & Blossoms 128-129
Fabric Fantasy 131
Grasshopper Flight 135
Dance of the Mayflies 136
Mayfly Life Cycle 140
Frog Down Under 143
Lewin Honeyeater Nestlings I 146
Book on Lewin Honeyeater Nestlings II 150
Lepidoptera Olympia Australis 152
Pheromone Frenzy 154

Acknowledgements 159

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