01 September 2019


BC Paperback

180x230 mm



128 pages

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Kawaii: How to Draw Really Cute Food

by Angela Nguyen

Hungry for a new drawing challenge? Well, get ready to enter planet cute! In her new collection, artist-author Angela Nguyen turns even the most mundane foods into living, breathing, adorable characters that you will want to draw yourself. As well as cute food-creature fusions such as blueberry kittens and sausage dog hotdogs, in Angela’s captivating world, sleeping cats lounge atop sushi, curl inside donuts, or peek out from pizza crusts.

Including beautifully clear and straightforward step-by-step instructions and minimal text, How to Draw Really Cute Food is great for both visual learners and those interested in learning the essential techniques of kawaii.

With chapters on appetizers, entrees, desserts, snacks and drinks, these inventive designs are sure to delight and amuse.

Book Contents

Chapter One: Getting Started
Key drawing techniques
Chapter Two: Cute Appetizers
Small Plates - soup, devilled eggs, bruschetta, wrapped foods, skewers, stuffed foods, rolls, pastries, fries, corn, bao, leaf-wrapped delicacies.
Larger Plates: cheese and bread, salad, chicken wings, chips and dips.
Chapter Three: Cute Entrees
Bowls - rice bowls, stews, noodles, noodle soups, hot pot, stone pots.
Plates - pasta: different pasta types, rice and curry, crepes, dim sum, eggs, sushi, breakfast, party food.
Finger Food - burger, sandwich: panini and bagels, mexican food: tacos and burritos, pizza.
Chapter Four: Cute Desserts and Snacks
Snacks: chips, trail mix, popcorn, candy.
Finger Food - macarons, pastries, donuts, cupcakes, s'mores.
Plates - ice cream, cake, pie, pudding, waffles, in-a-cup, jello, fruit desserts.
Chapter Five: Cute Drinks
Milkshake, milk tea with boba, juice boxes, fruit drinks and smoothies, soda, coffee, tea.
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