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We’re very excited about the publication of Isabella Strambio's brand-new book, Macramé for the Modern Home! We took this chance to catch up with Isabella and have a chat about her creative processes and her love of macramé.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I am Isabella, a macramé artist and educator. My background is in interior design and I am half Italian and half Japanese. I started a blog in 2016 about learning 12 crafts in 12 months; macramé was my first craft and I fell in love with it immediately! I have been making and teaching ever since. Two years ago, as a family, we moved from London to Hampshire and I took the leap to give up my career to work only on my creative business.
Isabella at work

For someone who doesn’t know, what exactly is macramé?
Macramé is the ancient craft of knotting strings to make various patterns and items.

Macramé process 

Do you have a favourite room at home to work in?
My large kitchen that is flooded by natural light. 

Are the projects in Macramé for the Modern Home difficult?
In the book, you can find projects for beginners all the way through to advanced macramé levels.

How long does it take you to complete an average piece (from the book) from start to finish?
It can take from an hour and a half, to 20 hours depending on the size and pattern!

Tealight holder Large wall hanging

Do you have any top tips for beginners?
You should practise your knots before starting a piece. You can use spare yarn or string. The most important thing is to make the knot’s tension consistent.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?
From other makers, fashion and nature. 

How does it feel to publish your first book?
It’s an amazing feeling holding a book containing all your projects and hard work!

We’re all becoming more conscious of the environment, and sustainability is a very hot topic at the moment. In the book you use 100 per cent recycled material. Did you have this in mind when writing the book or have you always used recycled material? 
I have been using recycled cotton string for a long time, alongside standard string. Last year I made the decision to use just 100 per cent recycled cotton material. I am a big believer that everyone needs to do their bit to help the planet.

What are your favourite pieces from the book and why?
It's hard to choose… but if I have to, I would say the macramé rug, the bedside table and cushion cover where I used naturally-dyed yarn.

Macramé rug Bedside table Macramé cushion
Tell us a bit about your company, TwoMe?
TwoMe started with the blog in 2016. The name stands for Two hours for Me per day to spend crafting. It was never my intention to start a creative business! For me, the blog was an outlet for my creativity. It organically started to grow and develop, thanks to the demand of macramé workshops and I was one of the first people to offer these. Then I started to get published in newspapers and magazine, and slowly it was growing. Now I offer workshops for events, private gathering, team building and online. I am very proud of what I have achieved and having a book published is just fantastic.

What are you working on now?
Since the coronavirus outbreak, I am working on more online workshops, tutorials and courses. I have also bought some special string to make a piece for my bedroom.

Do you have any exciting plans for 2020?
I’ll be concentrating on promoting the book and teaching and discovering more macramé skills! I also now offer weekly free video tutorials ‘Macramé with Kids’ on my IGTV, to help families during the COVID-19 situation who are at home with children.

Isabella's book, Macramé for the Modern Home is available now, from Search Press, RRP £12.99.

Macramé for the Modern Home

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