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We heard from Tanja Jung, author of Acrylic Paint Pouring about her life and art, as well as why she thinks paint pouring has been such a global hit in the art world!

What is paint pouring?

Acrylic pouring inspires us with its unpredictable creations, vibrant play of colours and varied design possibilities. Colours mixed with a medium are poured onto the substrate in one or more steps, resulting in abstract and bizarre colour flows, gemstone-like structures, and tree ring patterns.


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I'm currently based in Germany. I was born in Oettingen in Bavaria, Germany and grew up in Munich. I've been working as an artist ever since I was a child. I've done a lot of photography and painting. I wanted to be a photographer or interior designer. But I was told to learn a profession that had a ‘future’ which would bring security. So I went into the advertising business and became an advertising clerk. But I didn't stop educating myself. My creativity came through more and more and I started photographing weddings and designing logos. I've always had a lot of fun. In the meantime, I set up a studio and gave workshops on various creative topics. Since the beginning of the year I have held an exhibition and sold some artwork; my life is changing and I find that exciting! Last year I had a TinyHouse built for myself and now I live at the edge of a forest where I find peace and new inspiration. My son Tim brings me great happiness in my life, and he is as creative as I am, in a different way.

 How did you get into paint pouring?

At the end of 2017, my drive for new and exciting art techniques led me via the internet to paint pouring in the USA. After I mastered the skills and techniques for myself, I offered workshops.

Paint pouring technique Paint pouring technique  Paint pouring technique

Have you always worked with acrylics?

No, I have creative phases in which I try different techniques and media. Drawing, tanning, scrapbooking, mixed media, alcohol ink and much more. But for some years now I've been working with acrylic paint.

Paint pouring has taken the art world by storm, why do you think it’s so popular?

Not everyone has a degree in art. But many people are creative. When you can't draw a perfect person, you often think you're not creative. When pouring you quickly get a very nice result. You can be creative and play with colours and you will almost always get an impressive result. There are a great variety of techniques with paint pouring, so there is plenty of opportunity to find your favourite way of creating art.

Artwork Artwork Artwork Artwork 

Paint pouring sounds difficult, do you have any tips for a beginner?

Tip 1: It is important to take a little more time at the beginning – you must not be impatient with mixing the colours.

Tip 2: Make sure that the canvas is flat (so that the poured image does not shift while it is still liquid).

Tip 3: If you prepare the workplace beforehand, it's more fun. So get everything you need ready.

Tip 4: Have fun with it – it's not science. A drop more or less doesn't matter; follow your intuition.

Tip 5: Do not give up, even if the first or second painting does not immediately give the result that you want.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I think I look at the world around with a critical eye; I pay attention to things that others overlook. If I don’t get caught up in the chores of day-to-day life inspiration comes from everywhere: in nature, while browsing the internet and especially in places where I don't expect it – for example on a shipwreck.

Do you have any exciting plans for 2020?

I would like to publish my second book later this year, as well as learn more techniques and continue to experience and share art with other people.

Thank you for this interview and for your interest in Acrylic Paint Pouring. It's an honour to be on the bookshelves of the UK. My motto is: “To love what I do, to share what I love in order to help others to experience joy through their own creativity.”

Tanja's book, Acrylic Paint Pouring is available now, RRP £12.99.

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