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Summer holidays are here and with the release of the newest title in the Kawaii: How to Draw Really Cute series, now is the perfect time to get your pens and pencils out and discover a new way of drawing! It's great to do with the kids!

Kawaii is a Japanese word meaning super-cute and in these books you learn all about it and how to draw in this adorable style!

Kawaii: How to Draw Really Cute Fantasy Creatures is the brand new, fourth book in this best-selling series, and features a host of fantastical beasts – some mythological, others from the imagination of author-artist Angela Nguyen. 

Cover of Cute Fantasy Creatures

Perfect for young artists, the clear step-by-step diagrams are ideal for visual learners, and are a great introduction to the world of kawaii; you don't need any special tools – just grab a pencil and you are ready to go!

Discover the cute aesthetic at the heart of the kawaii style, as you learn how to draw more than 40 incredible creatures, organized by the terrain that they inhabit – water, air and land. First, you will learn how to draw a suitable background for your bonny beasties, who include the world-famous Nessie, the flighty Pegasus, and the not-so-fearsome Kraken! Be inspired by Angela's whimsical creature creations, such as the Goop Monster and Fire Pupper to concoct your own crazy critters, by taking the skills you have learnt and adding a kawaii twist to your drawings!

Flyion  Fire Pupper  Unicorn

Feeling motivated by Angela's creativity? You'll want to take a look at the existing books in the best-selling Kawaii: How to Draw Really Cute series. Enter Planet Cute, with Cute Stuff – where Angela teaches you how to 'put the awwww in drawwww' and illustrate a whole range of fun items – from people, animals, food and everyday objects – in her unique kawaii style.

Cover of Cute Stuff  Pages from Cute Stuff

If illustrating animals is your passion, then you won't be able to resist Cute Animals. With nearly 100 creatures to draw, this book is bound to be your next pet project. Great for those new to the kawaii style, you'll be adding cute-appeal to your furry and feathered companions in no time at all!

  Pages from Cute Animals

If you still have a hunger for more kawaii, feast your eyes on Cute Food. Follow the whimsical step-by-step diagrams and turn even the most mundane foods into a smorgasboard of adorable characters!

  Pages from Cute Food

All of the Kawaii: How to Draw Really Cute books are available now, RRP £8.99 each. Order your copies here!


To celebrate our 50th Birthday we're giving away a complete set of the Kawaii: How to Draw Really Cute books! For a chance to WIN, enter the competition on our Facebook page.

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