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Size: 13 x 13in (33 x 33cm), flat

These traditional Japanese bags are cleverly made from a rectangle of fabric. Use contrasting thread colours for the stitching, including the big stitch to keep the lining in place.

These bags are a great way to use special fabrics to wrap that special gift, and can be reused as a sewing project bags, or passed on with another gift inside.

This Knot bag is a variation on the one featured in Big Stitching Quilting, which publishes in May 2021. Also, within that book you will see a combination of these fabrics used to make Japanese wrapping cloths commonly used in the Japanese art of gift wrapping – furoshiki. These bags and cloths are a lovely way to add that special touch to your gift-giving.

Fabric requirements:

  • Outer bag, double gauze fabric: 10½ x 30½in (27 x 77.5cm)
  • Lining, Liberty Tana Lawn: 10½ x 30½in (27 x 77.5cm)


  • Rotary cutter ruler for marking stripes
  • Hera marker
  • Ruler
  • Template plastic
  • 3½in (9cm) diameter circle made from above template plastic. Mark the quarter points.
  • 12wt hand-quilting thread, variegated colour
  • No 6 embroidery or Betweens needle
  • Sewing machine

Seam allowance: ¼in (5mm).


1. Place the plain fabric and the Lawn RS together and stitch, starting from the middle of a long side all the way around the four sides. Stop 2in (5cm) short of the starting point. Snip the excess fabric from the corners and turn RS out

2. Slipstitch the opening closed.

3. Using your thumb and index finger, work around the outside edge, rolling the seam so that it lies flat. Tack to keep in place.

4. Then stitch all the way around the outside edge with the variegated thread, using big stitch running stitch. Remove the tacking.

5. To mark the stripes using a ruler and hera marker, start in the centre of the centre square and mark lines 1in (2.5cm) apart.

6. Alternatively, if you want to create the following circle design, use the circle template. Overlap the circles using the quarter points as the balance marks. You should fit three circles across the width of the rectangle and eleven along the length. Start in the centre of the rectangle. This way you will end up with an even margin around the outside edge.

7. Quilt the designs with the variegated thread. Hide the knot of the thread between the layers. For the stripes, work up one way and down the next. For the circles, quilt as a wavy line, which will then create the circles when complete.

8. Measure the strip and mark it into thirds. Fold the left-hand third over, WS facing, so that it covers the central third.

9. Stitch along the outer edge, securing that third. Use a Baseball stitch to create a decorative visible join.


10. Fold this left-hand third back, and then fold the right-hand third over to cover the centre again.


11. Stitch the right-hand third in place, this time stitching along the top outer edge.
Refold your fabric as shown.
Now the bag is formed. The bag points tie into a handle for use, and fold perfectly flat when not in use.

12. Pop your gift inside and knot the handles.

Download and print this project in full HERE.

Big Stitch Quilting is available from Search Press, RRP £14.99.

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