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Kawaii is a Japanese word meaning ‘super-cute’, and it’s a trend that’s sweeping the globe! It is also one of our favourite art styles and the subject of our top pick this month, How to Draw: Cute Kawaii.

This bumper book of over 100 projects demonstrates that truly anything can be drawn in the kawaii style; from animals, people, and flowers to food – and even household items such as toasters and vacuum cleaners! From a rough sketch to a finished, coloured drawing in just eight easy stages, Yishan Li, an expert comic and manga artist, shows you how to create amazingly cute characters full of charm.

Chibis feature first. Chibi means ‘small person’ and this chapter features thirty colourful characters to recreate. Our favourites are the magical witches and the serene girl in a kimono. These designs are perfect for experimenting with facial expressions and colour schemes to make a cast of characters for your own comic or manga.

With almost forty wildly varied animals from all over the world to try your hand at, you’ll be able to draw up the cutest menagerie of furry friends. Try using the simple steps to draw your pet, your favourite animal or create a familiar for the witches, elves, fairies, or adventurers you’ve conjured. Our favourite animal featured is the cheeky hippo, sticking his tongue out as he concentrates on the conversation of the tweeting birds above him.


We have all been stuck at home for most of the year, so what better way to bring life to your everyday surroundings than to draw them with some cheerful kawaii flair?  Who would have thought that everyday objects could look so cute? If you’re tired of channel hopping or scrolling through Netflix, you’ll find drawing the unbelievably adorable TV a welcome relief from another evening of reruns. Brighten up a rainy day by drawing a fun-loving umbrella or give your beloved houseplants some company by drawing a sassy cactus to put up next to them.

Now that lockdown is easing, we will soon all be able to embark on journeys to visit family and friends and even go on holiday. With this book, you can while away long car and bus trips by drawing them! Design your own plane or rocket using the eight steps, colour and decorate your kawaii transport however you like, then live out your dreams of being a pilot of astronaut. Heading to Mars? Watch out – it’s a flying saucer! I wonder what kind of alien lurks inside…


Food glorious food! With winking macarons and blushing tomatoes, you are spoilt for choice in drawing the food you love to eat. Draw your favourite foods or design the menu for your dream restaurant. Serve up a delicious spread, with sandwiches, doughnuts, hamburgers, and hotdogs all on the menu. We have a sweet tooth, so we would love an afternoon tea with the cupcakes, swiss rolls and a gateau.


Everything can be kawaii if you add just a bit of creativity! Try your hand at over 100 images and create an adorable world of loveable, kawaii characters. Use your drawings to decorate your belongings or use the steps to create your own embroidery and punch needle outlines. The choice is yours!

How to Draw: Cute Kawaii by Yishan Li is available from Search Press, RRP £12.99

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