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  • Publisher: C&T Publishing
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 05 September 2016
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781617452840
  • Stock: 17 in stock
  • Size: 216x280 mm
  • Illustrations: 200
  • Pages: 96
  • RRP: £23.99
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Art Quilt Collage


A Creative Journey in Fabric, Paint & Stitch by Deborah Boschert

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Book Description

Make treasured art quilts from bits of cloth, stitched motifs, and painted details. Dip your toes into the world of art quilting with mixed-media techniques, practice exercises, checklists, and work-along projects presented using 8 design guides. This visual, step-by-step guide will help you unlock your own artistic vision as you quilt in a series, finish small art pieces, and incorporate meaningful symbols into your work.

About the Author

About Deborah Boschert

Deborah Boschert's award-winning art quilts are shown in museums, quilt shows and publications. She regularly shares her process in programs and workshops for quilt guilds and visual art groups. Deborah and her family live outside of Dallas, Texas. deborahsstudio.com


Workshop on the Web

Dec 2016

This book has the tagline ‘How to get from 'start' to 'art''. This is a very apt description of the book as it works as an exercise in mentoring the reader into creating art quilts.

You can get a lot of books that try to direct you in this way but don’t always offer practical exercises to achieve it. Joen Wolfrom’s book 'Adventures in Design' did so very successfully (also published by C&T) and Deborah Boschert’s book reminds me of this. It doesn’t go into the subject of design to the depth of Wolfrom’s but instead, concentrates on the art of composition and surface design. What is different here is that you are given a limited set of tools and this helps focus the mind whilst developing the skills.

The tools you are given are eight design guides to follow which are presented to you in simple diagrams. These basic layouts apply to all the techniques of creating a quilt through the book and you can see what makes each work. Working alongside that is a Design Checklist (which is a great way of getting you to analyse your work and change your layout accordingly) and the See What Happens exercises which offer a prescribed method of trying out new approaches. One of those exercises, using a photo you have taken, and working out the composition,
shapes and patterns, provides a perfect way of improving your observation. This is a great book for working on developing a visual style and thinking more about the mechanics of composition.


We do not usually need an excuse to quilt, but if you have been looking for inspiration, here it is in oodles. You'll find easy-to-use design guidelines, ideas and more to get your creativity buzzing. The front cover gives you a real idea of what this book is all about. Inside, the contents include inspiration, design, construction, symbols, surface design, stitch and finishing plus a gallery of work. Throughout there are useful exercises too. Techniques are explained but this is not a step-by-step book as such, more a creative journey that you can join in and learn so that you apply processes to your own work. There was nothing new to me, but things do not have to be new to inspire and bring forth your own slant on ideas. Discover painted surfaces, stencils, applique, edges, text, stitch and more. I think everyone will enjoy the creative processes in this book that are easy to apply to your own ideas. I love the chairs, they are great. 

Popular Patchwork

Dec 2016

An enticing close up of one of Deborah's quilts as a front cover, plus the quote on the back - 'How to get from start to art', both set the tone for this inspiring and motivational book. Although I am more of a traditional quilter myself, i greatley admire quilts on display at quilt shows and often wonder how the maker has started on the process, how their jouney has taken them from the inspiration to the design and finally to a complete art quilt - something this book covers very well. There are no actual projects in the book, but should rather be used as a guide to work through the individual processes required to create a unique quilt of your own. Each chapter has a bullet list of the skills that are covered so you can flick through to the appropriate support you require. The chapter on Inspiration quickly made me realise there are so many starting points to a design, such as those pieces of fabric we all squirrel away but just don't know how to incorporate into a project. This chapter also has a brief but detailed guide to colour, how to use it and how to change the mood of a piece by adding an accent. The Design and Composition chapter clearly explains in text, diagrams, and photographs of work the principles of the design process, while other chapters cover surface design, stitching and threads and the construction and finishing a piece of work. I found this book very informative in its suggestions and examples.  It is a book to inspire and support you in the process of making an art quilt and would be of great value if you were following a course that includes a design component. I am looking forward to dabbling my toe into the world of art quilts with this book at my side.

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