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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 03 October 2014
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782210610
  • Stock: Temporarily Out of Stock
  • Size: 222x222 mm
  • Illustrations: 0
  • Pages: 64
  • RRP: £8.99
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Modern Sashiko


by Silke Bosbach

Out of Stock
Book Description

Silke Bosbach shows you how to create 15 stunning embroidery designs which blend modern techniques with the simple and traditional Japanese method of Sashiko.
Traditional Sashiko is a simple folk technique originally used for darning. While the conventional craft uses only a basic running stitch to create intricate patterned backgrounds, Silke Bosbach shows you how to adapt this basic style by applying modern surface finishes on numerous textiles and combining it with a variety of other techniques. Explore the fascinating possibilities of these embroidery techniques yourself and be inspired to create your own unique combinations of the modern and traditional!

Features 15 gorgeous and modern designs blending tradition with modernity
Includes 14 embroidery templates
55 stunning photographs of various techniques which are sure to inspire new and original designs

Table of Contents


6 The history of sashiko
7 Materials and tools
10 The sashiko stitch
Single-stitch sashiko, sashiko patterns
11 Embroidering sashiko
Transferring a design to fabric
Tacking fabric layers
Starting and finishing
Stitch lengths
Machine embroidery
Step by step
14 A simple stitch a major impact
16 Floral variations
Bag with flowers
18 Rising damp
Cushion in a wavy design
20 Arc to arc
Wrap with linked semi-circles
22 Fishing nets
Place mat in a cross-over design
24 Flower links
Shopping bag in a floral pattern
26 Grass in the wind
Netbook bag with a grass motif
28 Pear blossom
Lamp in a floral design
30 Rhythmic rows
Table runner
32 Artistic surface designs
34 Shining suns
Sashiko and shibori on felt
36 Three-dimensional
Sashiko and tying technique on a felt base
38 Floral relief
Embroidering pleats on felt
40 Bamboo
Sashiko on felt and knitwear
42 Wisteria
Sashiko on knit
44 Six-point stars
Sashiko in white on white (machine sewn)
46 Crane flowers
Sashiko and tucking
48 Patterns / templates
62 Publisher’s details, bibliography, sources


Popular Patchwork

September 2015

Sashiko is a wonderful relaxing hand technique based on running stitch patterns and originating from Northern Japan. Traditionally it is worked in white thread on dark plain cloth, but Silke Bosbach has updated the traditional stitch patterns by using coloured thread on a variety of different surface textures. There are fifteen projects in this collection, half of which are stitch projects on previously bought or made items, such as tote bags or scarves and the remainder are more creative pieces with either further embellishment or using an unusual base fabric such as organza. Her stitch projects on wool and felt surfaces are particularly interesting, and a new source or inspiration. If you are lucky enough to have access to a Sashiko stitch machine, there is an additional machine sewn project featuring the beautiful six pointed star design on a wadding background.

Love to Make

June 2015

In this lovely book, Silke Bosbach introduces you to the basic elements of sashiko, showing the reader how this simple stitch can magically transform plain fabrics into beautiful works of art. Sashiko is a tradition Japanese embroidery technique, which is very easy to master. There are templates in this book for 14 design variations, which Silke uses on bags, cushions and table linen. Furthermore, she shows you how to adapt the stitch to create unique textile combinations by applying it with other techniques to textured surfaces.


February 2015

Sashiko was originally used for economic, nor decorative purposes. Developed in northern Japan to rework used materials, simple patterns of repeated running stitch were working in white on indigo-dyed textiles. Worn-out jackets were repurposed as rice bags or cloths with this structural, attractive stitch. Fire-fighters' protective jackers were traditionally lined with sashiko embroidery, possibly in designs symbolising protection from evil spirits or a wish for health. Because they were repurposed many times, few early sashiko examples exist. It wasn't until the 1970's that sashiko regained popularity. Silke adapts sashiko traditions to dramatic effect. Where old garments transformed into bags would have been dark fabric quilted in white. Silke's inverted palette sees floral motifs stitched on snow-white cloth, while colour is gently introduced on useful items including a laptop case. Silke references other Japanese textile techniques including shibori which sets fabric in patterns before dyeing. in Silke's version the fabric is gathered up is not dyed, but stitched with floral patterns in sunny shades. The seeds originally used are replaced by glass beads, and tufts of wool pull up the flowers' centres on a luxurious fabric felted from cashmere, merino and silk - it's worlds away from sashiko's prosaic origins.

Merseyside Embroiderer's Guild (megonline.co.uk)

November 2014

This slim volume combines the simple elegance of traditional Japanese sashiko with modern surface designs and materials. The easy to follow techniques are perfect for the absolute beginner plus providing plenty of inspiration for more advanced stitchers. The designs are made from single stitch sashiko worked on a linear grid either with single or multiple strands. In patterns the stitches do not cross. The designs are created from straight or curved lines of running stitch. There is now a sewing machine that can imitate hand stitching. This is a charming book with high quality pictures and many designs to get anyone started.

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