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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BB Hardback
  • Publication: 20 August 2018
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782211327
  • Stock: 50+
  • Size: 216x280 mm
  • Illustrations: 500
  • Pages: 128
  • RRP Price: £20.00
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Embroidered Treasures: Birds


Exquisite Needlework of the Embroiderers' Guild Collection by Dr Annette Collinge

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Book Description

This fantastic book showcases the prestigious Embroiderers’ Guild’s huge collection of embroidered birds through the ages. Featuring photographs taken especially for the book, items are shown in full along with detail images that show off the stunning birds at their best. 

This fantastic book showcases the prestigious Embroiderers’ Guild’s huge collection of embroidered birds through the ages. Featuring photographs taken especially for the book, items are shown in full along with detailed images that show off the stunning birds at their best.

Table of Contents

History of the Embroiderers' Guild and Its Collection


Embroidered in Monochrome

The Use of Metal Thread

Applied Materials

Made by Machine

Embroidered in Silk

Embroidery on Even-weave Backgrounds

Embroidery on Bags

Birds as Art

Samplers and Samples

Fanciful Birds

Birds from Many Lands

Stitches and More Stitches


About the Author

About Dr Annette Collinge

Annette Collinge has had a lifelong interest in embroidery. She is a life member of The Embroiderers' Guild, has been a Branch Chairman, Regional Chairman and Trustee of the Guild, and she is currently the Collection Manager. She is a mixed media textile artist and is a member of the exhibiting group, Studio 21, a group of textile artists who bring together a creative and innovative mix of media and stitched textiles


SEW Region Magazine (December 2019)

This fabulous book highlights some of the exquisite works done using birds as their inspiration. This aesthetic book provides an eye opener into the surprisingly wide-ranging, attractive and interesting embroideries which can be created showcasing birds. 

Embroidered Treasures: Birds provides a real learning experience allied to the sheer pleasure of viewing the superbly photographed examples Dr Collinge has selected from the Collection. The embroideries range from small mats, sachets and panels through bags, tea cosies and cushion covers to wall hangings, sleeve bands and samplers. 

Sew Magazine (December 2018)

You'll be amazed by the stunning array of colours inside this book! Sewing enthusiasts will be blown away by the history of the embroiderer's guild and its collection - learn all about the use of metal thread, birds in art and every stitch variation you could possibly think of! 

Embroidery, The Textile Art Magazine (Nov/Dec 2018)

Following on from Embroidered Treasures Flowers, which examined floral embroidery, Annette Collinge turns her attention to our feathered friends, selecting examples that intrigue as well as inspire. She highlights pieces from cultures around the world, dating from the 17th century to the modern era - from realist renderings to fanciful interpretations, from practical items to contemporary artworks - and which take in a whole wealth of techniques from Berlin wool work to modern machine embroidery. The Guild was founded in 1906 and since then its collection, now housed at Bucks Co Museum, has grown substantially. This book offers amazing insight into its many riches.

Subtitled 'Exquisite Needlework of the Embroiderers' Guild Collection', this book showcases the best embroidered birds from the extensive collection. The embroideries cover a period dating from the 17th century to the present day. From abstract to naturalistic, the variety is wonderful and the book covers many forms of embroidery from crewelwork to contemporary. The imagination, skill and detail in portraying birds will provide much inspiration to everyone interested in this subject. There is a brief history of the Embroiderers' Guild followed by twelve chapters: Monochrome Embroidery; Metal Thread; Applied Materials; Machine Embroidery; Silk Embroidery; Evenweave Backgrounds; Bags; Art; Samplers; Fanciful; Birds From Many Lands and finally Stitches. A short paragraph of text opens each section, with each photographed piece of work having a title such as 'Crewelwork Panel' and descriptive text plus technique, date, place and size highlighted in a box. On some pieces, it also gives the maker's name and who gifted the piece to the collection. All pieces have a EG number. I found the techniques of most interest, but this is not a book of techniques - it merely informs us of the technique used. Work as varied as rug hooking, felt applique and numerous embroidery techniques are included from all over the world. There is some overlap of the chapters, for in Chapter One on Monochrome, you will find Metal Thread and Silk Embroidery even though these have chapters of their own. Almost every manner of bird is to be found. This is a wonderful resource on how birds have been used to inspire embroidery over the centuries. Recommended.

Way back in January, I reviewed the book, Embroidered Treasures: Flowers, a wonderful compilation of embroidery pieces held by the Embroiderers Guild of the UK. Like the Flowers book, Embroidered Treasures: Birds promises to be an exciting and inspiring look at a wide array of embroidery projects from different eras that feature our feathered friends. If you love birds and you love embroidery, and if youre fascinated by the history of embroidery, you will love having this book in your library! Better yet, it is such a pretty book that it doesnt need to be consigned to a bookshelf. Its a perfect coffee table book, one that you can pick up and browse through at leisure, gleaning striking bursts of beauty and helpful bits of information every time you meander through it. Ive had the pleasure of perusing an advanced copy of the book, thanks to Search Press, and it is everything youd want beautiful, informative, and inspiring! Throughout the book, youll find embroidered birds from a wide spectrum of artistic eras, covering a wide variety of techniques. All sorts of birds populate the book, from stylized birds to realistic renditions of birds in needlework. With each featured embroidery, youll find dates, provenance, and all the details of techniques and materials used to create the embroidery. What I love about this new series of books from the Embroiderers Guild of the UK is that you can learn much from each book, just by studying the pieces in it. No, its not an instructional project book you wont learn how to recreate, step-by-step, the embroidery pieces you see. But you will learn a lot about the history and development of embroidery, and youll see, at a glance, what kinds of techniques can be used to produce a certain look or style of embroidery. This is very helpful, if you have ideas in mind for a project, but youre not sure what techniques to use to get the look you want.

Soooo. bird lovers, historical needlework buffs, and general embroidery enthusiasts this books for you!

Stitch August/September 2018

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