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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 13 May 2016
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782211662
  • Stock: 50+
  • Size: 210x228 mm
  • Illustrations: 440
  • Pages: 128
  • RRP: £12.99
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A-Z of Bead Embroidery


by Country Bumpkin

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Book Description

This comprehensive guide to bead embroidery has over 440 step-by-step photographs showing all the techniques required, including tambour beading, beadpoint, padded beading, how to handle sequins and bugle beads and more. There are 30 stunning projects. Packed with hints, tips and historical insights, and all patterns are provided.

This comprehensive guide to bead embroidery features more than 30 stunning and versatile projects. With over 440 step-by-step photographs, it brings bead embroidery within the reach of anyone who can thread a needle. Find out how to work tambour beading, beadpoint, padded beading, how to handle sequins and bugle beads, and so much more. Discover the best tools for the task and learn to identify different beads by their size, shape and finish. Full of hints, tips and historical insights, and all patterns are provided.

A complete manual for the beginner through to the seasoned embroiderer
30 beautiful designs from around the world
Over 440 step by step photographs
Packed with hints, tips and historical insights
All patterns provided

Table of Contents

6 Beads
6 Types of Beads
7 Glass bead finishes
7 Sizes of beads
7 Other materials
7 Fabrics
7 Threads
8 Tools and equipment
8 Needles
8 Hoops and frames
9 Needle threaders and grabbers
9 Storage containers
10 Bead mats
10 Waxes and conditioners
10 Scissors
10 Pliers
11 Transferring designs
14 Attaching a single seed or cylinder bead
14 Method 1 - whip stitch
15 Method 2 - back stitch
15 Method 3 - keeping the hole at the top
16 Attaching a pair of beads
17 Attaching multiple beads
17 Method 1 - whip stitch
18 Method 2 - back stitch through each bead
19 Method 3 - back stitch through selected beads
20 Method 4 - couching using two needles
21 Method 5 - couching
21 Method 6 - lazy squaw stitch
22 Method 7 - lazy stitch
23 Attaching a single bugle bead
23 Method 1 - whip stitch
24 Method 2 - back stitch
25 Method 3 - detached chain
26 Bead loops
26 Circle of beads
27 Attaching a bead to the end of a bead
27 Beadpoint
27 Waste knot
28 Long back stitch
28 Short back stitch
29 Alternating long and short back stitch
30 Attaching a single sequin
31 Attaching multiple sequins
31 Method 1 - whip stitch
32 Method 2 - back stitch
33 Tambour work
33 Making a spool holder
34 Preparing the hoop
34 Securing the thread at thebeginning
35 Ending off the thread
36 Attaching beads
37 Attaching sequins
39 Starflower
40 Pandora's Garden
43 Japonica
46 Victoriana
48 Siam
50 Marie Antoinette
52 Magnolia
56 Dragonfly
59 Duchess
62 Punica
64 Roseline
66 Ruby
70 Summer's Jewels
72 Gloriosa
75 Sampler
78 Twilight's Breath
80 Papillon
84 Shimmer
86 Rainbow Whorls
89 Cleopatra
92 Borealis
94 Pearl
96 Alice's Garden
98 Blue Lotus
100 Lasiandra
102 Irish Moss
104 Nightshade
106 Millefiori
108 Killarney
110 Baroque
112 Water's Edge

About the Author

About Country Bumpkin

Compiled by the expert team at Country Bumpkin, renowned Australian publishers of embroidery books and magazines.



Feb/Mar 08

Another book from the team that publish 'Inspirations' magazine. This book is full of over 440 step-by-step photos and over 30 ornate projects. We felt that the instructions and projects were clear so it may be ideal for beginners and more advanced beaders/embroiderers alike.

West Country Embroiderers

Newsletter 65, Summer 2007

This book on beading is very informative and well illustrated. The stitching techniques are clear making it simple to follow the instructions. The designs are also beautifully photographed and have encouraged me to consider embroidering more with beads. Definitely a book to buy.

Eileen Barden, Launceston


No. 45, Feb/Mar 07

With more than 440 step-by-step photographs and 30 excellent projects, this book is very simple to follow. It covers such techniques as tambour beading, beadpoint, padded beading, how to handle sequins and bugle beads, and more. The best tools for the task are also discussed as well as how to identify different beads. A very useful book to have in your stitching library.

Workshop On The Web

Sept 06

Another in this Australian A-Z series, the book gives brief instructions for basic beading methods and materials. The format then is to show pieces from bead artists from around the world. Some of the pieces are lovely and full instructions are given on how to make them. Unfortunately, the photography is not good although you can usually work out the method. It has to be said that one or two pics are so fuzzy that this is not possible. What a shame; it would have been a lovely book.

August 2006

If you love beads and embroidery, this glorious book combines the two in sumptuous splendour as only those at Country Bumpkin Publications know how. This is the thirteenth entry into the A-Z series, but there is nothing unlucky about it. Whether you are into wearable art, soft furnishings or pictures there is something here for everybody.

As usual, the pieces are from a variety of designers and have this look about them of being dazzlingly advanced. However, if you are familiar with forming even fairly simple embroidery stitches these excellent photographic staged instructions ought to have you beading like a pro fairly quickly. The way in which every tiny step has its own separate high-resolution photo and written instructions makes for a foolproof combination, and I don't think I ever learned anything so fast. Other writers of how-to books take note! As for the projects, these include several floral studies, some abstract, dragonflies and a lovely bead adorned portrait as well as edgings that would make great jewellery with a little adaptation. The photography is superb, as are the invariable little additional touches such as 18th and 19th century floral paintings make this a truly beautiful book as well as a formidably useful one. This is definitely another one for the keeper shelf.

Merseyside Embroiderers Guild

July 2006

This book contains all the information you would ever need to know about beads and their uses. It is very well illustrated with full colour photographs and shows techniques and stitches including tambour work and sequins. There are beautifully worked examples illustrated and at the end of the book are clear diagrams of the designs so that they could be used by novice stitchers or as a basis for further development by the more experienced. Particularly interesting is the section on fringes, showing some inspiring decorative work which could be used as edgings or as a basis for jewellery.

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