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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 19 January 2017
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782212676
  • Stock: Temporarily Out of Stock
  • Size: 190x246 mm
  • Illustrations: 0
  • Pages: 128
  • RRP Price: £10.99
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Freeform Crochet with Confidence


Unlock the secrets of patchwork, spirals and lace with 30 freeform crochet projects by Carol Meldrum

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Book Description

Freeform crochet is about being creative with your stitches and shapes. Build your confidence and creativity through learning to play with colour and texture. There is no right or wrong!

Freeform Crochet with Confidence aims to inspire creativity and, through each project, encourage you to develop and find your own individual style. The projects are almost like serving suggestions just waiting for you to add a sprinkle of imagination and a touch of inspiration to make each design your own.

The book has been designed to be accessible for both beginners and more experienced crafters, so whether you are starting out on your creative journey or want to brush up on existing skills there is something for all levels, with tips and hints for each design on how you can explore different possibilities. Step-by-step instructions for all the techniques and projects are included, along with embellishment ideas that will bring each project to life.

Crochet is the perfect craft to explore working in a freeform style, with so many techniques and stitches we are spoilt for choice. Fabrics are made up of smaller motifs that can be sewn, stitched, crocheted, or layered up to make a larger piece. Each chapter is broken down into different types of freeform motifs: Spirals and Circles; Organic; Openwork and Lace; Patchwork and Squares; and Fillers, Trims and Embellishments.

About the Author

About Carol Meldrum

Carol Meldrum has a background in textiles and a love of craft. She has worked as a Design Consultant for Rowan Yarns and has written several craft books including Knitted Icons, Anova's quirky book on knitting your own popstar. Carol lives in Glasgow but teaches craft workshops all over the UK. Since graduating from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee, she has worked within the textile industry as a designer for many High Street fashion outlets as well as internationally renowned hand knit label Rowan, and her unique take on all things textile can be found online at and in selected boutique shops in Scotland. Carol’s main goal is to give others the confidence to create handmade objects of their own, by sharing skills that have been handed down through generations to produce new and exciting projects that will inspire others to do the same.


Crochet Addict UK

I love to crochet but have always been scared of freeform crochet. This book is here to give you and me the confidence to be able to not only follow patterns
of freeform but to also create your own. Freeform take the rules away and lets
you create with individual styles and techniques. Carol takes you through step-by-step so even if you haven't crocheted before you can give it a go. There are clear instructions with pictures to make it easier to follow. The start of the book is taken up with the instructions of the different stitches. Then it's straight into the patterns. The patterns vary in difficulty and show you how
you can do something as easy as changing colours at random through a project or use different designs to create unique styles. The patterns are varied and give you a fantastic overview of what you can create.  The projects are all fun and use an amazing array of colours. The patterns are all in written format and are easy to follow. The writing is a bit small for me for the patterns. I love how Carol gives you support within each pattern to make it easier. The little hints about how to put the projects together etc. make them easier to complete. This book really does offer great value for money. It teaches the techniques you need to create your own freeform as well as providing you with and amazing array of projects to make.

Knitting & Crochet - Woman's Weekly

This book is about style. Not Carol Meldrum's style. Your style. Carol will just help you find it. Each chapter of the book teaches a specific technique and provides patterns and projects to help put that technique into practice. Then it's over to you. How you embellish your projectm how you tailor make it to fit your own needs and tastes, it is up to you. The book is just as perfect for beginners to the craft as it is for those with experience who want to learn more, so no one need be left behind on this adventure. There are ideas for everything you need, starting points and first steps on your very own crochet journey. From circles and spirals to open and lace to patchwork squares. The choice is yours...

Explore creative crochet with this book through 30 easy projects. Take a look at what you can do with shapes and stitches to create practical projects. Most people attempt freeform when they have mastered all the basic stitches. There are step-by-step instructions for the basic stitches at the front of the book and you will need to be confident with these first. This book concentrates on simple freeform ideas to build your confidence. Like changing colour or adding a stitch or motif ad hoc. These projects are fine to learn the basics. The chapters on Organic Patterns and Lace are what I really think of as freeform crochet. I love the cream scarf and the lace scarf. The mix and match cardi looks interesting and I like the flower shawl too. The basic ideas can be used to form your own patterns.

Inside Crochet

Issue 87

This fun book is all about learning to take an extra step into creativity with your crochet, moving away from strictly following patterns. It begins with clear photographs demonstrating techniques such as working around corners, filling in gaps and joining pieces together, then moves on to 30 colourful projects, in sections such as 'Circles & Spirals' and 'openwork & lace'. You're encouraged to see all these patterns only as a starting point, and all come with tips for 'freeforming' them, such as introducing random colour changtfes or adding edges and surface detail.

Customer Review

Good explanations giving clever clear instruction and ideas...very interesting

Customer Review

I received this book a few days ago and already I have learnt the basics of freeform crochet : spirals, offset circles and spikes (which look like paint splatters). The book is very comprehensive in guiding you through these methods and then takes you on to patterns, all the while encouraging you to branch out and do your own thing!
Basic crochet stitches are explained, but I think this is more for an intermediate, or at least an adventurous beginner, but it definitely takes you beyond standard patterns and gives you the tools to start creating with crochet, producing individual pieces you can be proud of. I look forward to many future adventures in freeform crochet with this book!

Customer Review

I was very excited to receive this book, having been fascinated by various freeform crochet projects on Pinterest but not really understanding how to get started myself. This book covers all the basics required to get started and instructions for various projects to get you going but not limiting your imagination.
I don't think it's suitable for an absolute beginner, the initial instructions aren't that explicit but once you have the basic stitches under your belt this is ideal to get you into the Freeform Crochet genre.

Overall I am really happy with this book and can't wait to get started, I have a couple of empty coffee jars crying out for a freeform cover

Customer Review

I found this book a beautiful addition to my crafting collection, being relatively new to crochet (self taught over the past 2 years) I have been able to learn new textured stitches- popcorn and puff easily by following the clear descriptions and bright pictures. The book contains many unique projects which I look forward to completing as gifts for friends and family, a lot of which will use up the many bits of left over balls of wool.

Customer Review

I received this book a while back. All in all, the book is great! As a complete beginner, I thought that this would be a gateway in to being able to create my own projects and designs. I can see how this WOULD be great for someone with a bit more knowledge of the art but a lot of terminology etc was lost on me and I found myself having to rely on other media to understand what I was trying to achieve.

I will absolutely be revisiting this book once I have improved my own skills in this craft, as I do think it is a really helpful book- it's just not really a thing for self-taught beginners!

Kazzy B Knits

"Unlock the secrets of patchwork, spirals and lace". If you like to do your own thing, and love shapes and colour, rather than the uniformity of a fixed pattern, then this is the crochet book for you. As the author, Carol Meldrum says, you can use the patterns in his book as suggestions to spark your own imagination.
Divided into five sections: patchwork and squares, circles and spirals, organic shapes, openwork and lace, and trims, edgings and fillers; each section starts with simpler projects and then builds on the techniques learned in the previous one. But it also contains basic "how-tos", so even if you only have a rudimentary knowledge of crochet, you can find inspiration to expand your repertoire.
All 30 projects in the book use Rowan yarns; however by its very nature as a freeform resource, you can literally use whatever takes your fancy - or happens to be in your stash. Great examples of this are the floral shawl and mittens, which use up all those colourful odds and ends of yarn.
With patterns for clothes, accessories and homewares, beautiful photographed and with clear written instructions, this book will be a fantastic addition to any fibre crafter's library.

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