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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 29 December 2016
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782213796
  • Stock: 50+
  • Size: 204x260 mm
  • Illustrations: 410
  • Pages: 144
  • RRP: £12.99
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Knit Me, Dress Me, Love Me


Cute knitted animals and their mini-me toys, with keepsake outfits to knit & sew by Sue Stratford

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Book Description

This book is filled with cute, easy knits with a vintage feel. There are knitting patterns for seven different adorable animal toys a rabbit, a kitten, a mouse, a puppy, a panda, a teddy and a monkey, each approx. 8 inches (20cm) high, and all easy and quick to knit. Each animal is accompanied by a mini knitted version of itself that can be stored in the little shoulder bag or backpack that each toy carries. 

There are patterns for over 50 garments and accessories in which to dress the toys - most of them knitted and some sewn garments. All the clothes are one size and designed to fit every animal, so the reader can mix and match items to create their chosen toy's own unique wardrobe. The outfits are split into themes such as Out to Play, Picnic Time and Time for School, and include pyjamas, outdoor clothes, summer dresses, school uniform and so on, with added accessories.

Readers are encouraged to use up scraps of yarn and fabric they already have for the clothes, re-using materials from a favourite item that’s long since outgrown to make a keepsake toy that has special significance. 

Table of Contents

Tools and Materials
Knitting Techniques
Knitting the Animals:
Bunny and Bunny Mini-me
Mouse and Mouse Mini-me
Monkey and Monkey Mini-me
Kitten and Kitten Mini-me
Puppy and Puppy Mini-me
Panda and Panda Mini-me
Teddy Bear and Teddy Bear Mini-me
Making the Clothes
Time for School
On the Beach
Picnic Time
In the Snow
And so to Bed

Extra Information

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About the Author

About Sue Stratford

Sue Stratford is one of our most successful and popular authors, having already published six books with Search Press. She owned and ran The Knitting Hut in Woburn Sands, Buckinghamshire, UK. After ten successful years, the shop has closed to give Sue more time to concentrate on her design work. 

Sue is inspired by lovely yarns and likes working with natural fibres. She regularly exhibits at fibre and textile shows around the UK and teaches classes on a number of different techniques. Visit her website at www.suestratford.co.uk.



I bought this book at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival, because I was utterly charmed. I showed it to everyone there, and I wanted to show it to everyone here too.

I love knitting patterns for toys of any kind - bears, dolls, creatures. And this one hits the jackpot! It's patterns for adorable creatures in doll-form, with patterns for the various outfits to match! Each of the seven dolls - puppy, kitten, bear, panda, mouse, monkey and bunny - comes with a pattern for a mini-me. And the outfits and accessories - most knitted, but some sewn -are ridiculously cute and clever. There's a sweater or two, as you'd expect, but there are also dresses and jeans and shoes and socks and slippers and stripey tights (YES!!!!! REALLY!!!) amd pjs and even a house-coat and undies! The accessories are very pleasing: there's a little felt school satchel and bedding and books and a picnic basket and all sorts of other delights, all knitted or sewn.

The book itself is terrific: well-illustrated, with good patterns and helpful tutorials for key knitting techniques, and the sewing and embroidery skills required. The dolls are worked in worsted/DK yarn and clothes and accessories for fingering.

Although entirely appropriate for making gifts for babies and small children, this sort of thing may well appeal to adult knitters who are in need of smaller projects to use up leftovers, or just a dose of clever and charming cuteness.


Knit five 8 cute animals and their mini me doll counterparts plus a whole wardrobe of mix and match outfits with this fun stash-busting book.  Choose from bunny, mouse, kitten, monkey, puppy, teddy or panda and kit them out for school, bedtime, beach, snow or picnic.  This is not a book for the total beginner as like most pattern  books it does not teach knitting from scratch but improver level and upwards will enjoy these small projects.  At the front several techniques featured are explained with the aid of some good-sized photographs and there are a few simple embroidery stitches to learn as well.  Each toy has a life-size photograph of it front and back together with full instructions (written, no charts apart from the sweater) and there is the fun added touch of the miniature versions of the animals.  Even toys need their own toys!  The garments and accessories are divided into their respective themes and feature both knitting and sewing projects.  These can be done by hand and are simple; the animals plus their toys can be made using a whole ball of yarn but the rest is ideal for using up odds and ends.  Knitters will find this an excellent way of using up yarn and fabric and having some relaxing fun as well.

Knitting & Crochet - Woman's Weekly

May 2017

What every fashion-concious rabbit, kitten, mouse, puppy or panda needs is a fashion-forward wardrobe... and fashion forward friends. And Sue Stratford's new book has both in spades. Each of the knitted animals is the same size, and comes with its own mini version. And the clothes included fit each and every one of them, in any combination you want. There's daywear, nightwear, beachwear, footwear, wear for all seasons. The designs are made using scraps of yarn and fabrics. Perhaps when a little person has outgrown her summer dress it can be turned into a new summer dress for her hand knitted teddy or the jumper you knitted a year ago for a not-so-little-anymore little boy can be unravelled and knitted into a shirt and trousers for his toy monkey or panda. Sue Stratford knows how little hands like to dress and undress their toys. Her toys are easy to knit. They're easy to dress. And even easier to love.

Let's Get Crafting

This title will have you squealing with delight as your flick through the pages of adorable knitted animals with interchangable outfits and accessories. Including patterns for over 50 different items you'll be able to create the perfect little animal family.

Customer Review

I just love this collection of cute animals and clothes. The assortment of clothes and accessories is very good and it includes templates for sewn items. Everything is very simple to make and I love the abbreviation chart on the back inner cover.
The illustrations are delightful and the instructions are clear and concise.
Great fun to make ...children will love them.!

Customer Review

My daughter can't wait to get knitting get with this book. It's a great book that teaches you first knit your animal then all the accessories they need to go with it! I love that the first few pages shows you in simple steps the different techniques needed to knit your animal and clothing. It's an excellent knitting book that can provide hours of enjoyment


Love paper dressing dolls? Here's the equivalent in knit. Seven characters to knit, each with a mini version, clothes and accessories. They are all the same size so the outfits can be worn by any of the little creatures. Great for using scraps of yarn and lots of fun to knit and to play with. Bunny, mouse, kitten, puppy, monkey panda or teddy will give hours of joy. Create accessories for school, beach, picnic, snow and bedtime. Find sections on materials, step-by-step techniques with photos, instructions for knitting the cute animals in two sizes plus all their 'play' accessories, including a pink pussyhat (I kid you not, Sue must have great foresight). Simply charming for kids of all ages. Highly recommended.

Customer Review

Another awesome book from one of my favourite knitters, Sue Stratford! I received my copy of the book yesterday & I was as excited as on Christmas morning, it's such a fabulous book! A picture & clear instructions for every single item. The book is full of wonderful illustrations with extensive pattern instructions. Knitters everywhere will love this, we all have a stash of yarn just waiting for the perfect little project & this book ticks all the boxes. And we all like something that's quick & easy to make. This is the perfect project book too, for those wanting to use their children's clothing as a keepsake. This can be incorporated in the clothing for the knitted animals. So many options. Knit Me, Dress Me, Love Me is also the perfect group project book for those wishing to embark on a big group project, such as yarnbombing or a fundraiser. Personally, I can't wait to get started with the knitting, but which of these cute animals to choose first! I took a knitted teddy to Russia with me last year, I'm going to have to choose an animal to take on my next trip....so I better get knitting!

Customer Review

I have collected a lot of cute knitting books and patterns over the years, but I don't think I have anything as adorable as this treasure! What I love about it apart from the utterly gorgeous animals, their outfits, and little 'mini-me' versions of the animals themselves, are the easy and clear instructions. There are so many helpful pictures and tips, that they give me confidence even before I begin!

The little clothes have full sized templates and are easy to knit. The added bonus are the templates and instructions for little fabric clothes too.
I think that anyone who buys this book will never want to part with it.

Customer Review

I really loved this book, I am not a great knitter but I found the instructions clear and concise and easy to follow and as all the animals are small, each was quite quick to make which is good as I often get bored with things that take too long. I found the how to pages very useful as well and I enjoyed the combination of knitting and sewing

Customer Review

I received this book to review.
From the cover of this book, I knew I was going to love it. The first few pages have great description and pictures explaining how to do some important stitches which were simple and easy to follow. I really loved that you can make several creatures, but also their miniatures and then every possible piece of clothing and accessory thinkable. Everything seems to be covered despite it not being too big of a book. The pictures throughout were fantastic. The patterns are simple to follow even for a beginner.
A no fuss book, to make beautiful toys, perfect!

Customer Review

Wow, wow, wow!! I absolutely love this book! The instructions are so clear and easy to follow. The introduction of the book is great and you really feel as though the author, Sue Stratford is talking to you as a friend. The next few pages show you everything you will need in order to make these cute little animals and their "wardrobe" of clothes. Each animal is 20.5cm and they each have a "minnie me" at 8.5cm, therefore all the clothes fit each animal perfectly. There are also accessories that can be made like a moses basket, sling, etc. Sue clearly explains the techniques and stitches you will be using throughout the book and all of these are photographed step by step. The animals are adorable and I'm sure children young or old, will love them. It honestly is a truly amazing book and I can't wait to get started. Buy the book, you won't regret it!

Customer Review

Brilliant book from beginning to end .. lovely teddies n mice n pandas n dogs n bunnies to knit easy instructions . Then all their clothes to knit and so sweet . Then their bags and blankets to knit and lovely dresses to sew ... everything and more that you could wish for to make your knitted animal be the envy of any little girl or boy . Fantastic book

Customer Review

I received this book to review. such a lovely book to look at with lots of different patterns to knit for some very cute critters even vest and pants!
love the easy to follow pictures which is great for a beginner like me. also loved that there was clothes to sew from fabric aswell. lots of lovely photos too, very enjoyable. i can't wait to start knitting.

Customer Review

This is a lovely book. With easy to follow instructions.

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