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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 30 October 2018
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782215578
  • Stock: Temporarily Out of Stock
  • Size: 216x280 mm
  • Illustrations: 500
  • Pages: 144
  • RRP: £15.99
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Dynamic Watercolours


An exploration of colour, texture and technique by Jane Betteridge

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Book Description

Brimming over with exciting and innovative techniques, bestselling author Jane Betteridge’s new book pushes watercolour to new heights, introducing vibrancy, texture and dynamism to this subtle medium.

Following on from her bestselling book Watercolours Unleashed, Jane has taken her techniques even further. She introduces you to a huge range of new and exciting ways of working using crackle paste, modelling pastes, metallic leaf, gilding flakes, print and much more.

This book will excite and inspire watercolour artists of all abilities to experiment and take a more dynamic approach to their painting.

Table of Contents

Pure watercolour
Preparing the surface
Watercolour grounds
Crackle paste
Coarse watercolour grounds
Transparent watercolour grounds
Modelling pastes
Tissue paper
Metallic leaf
Wire brush
Printing into the surface
Shoreline project
Adding to your painting text
Granulation medium
Using plastic food wrap
Using salt
Using gouache
Using contour relief
Using aquashine
Using aquapasto
Using bronzing powder
Using stencils
Gauze and thread
Woodland on paper project
Ideas and inspiration
Exploring themes
Finding a focus
Pattern and colour
Your starting point
Just paint!

About the Author

About Jane Betteridge

Jane Betteridge is an artist and qualified adult education tutor whose interest in painting stems from childhood, and whose inspiration is drawn from the landscape; from countryside to seaside. Known for her experimental, innovative approach to watercolours, Jane’s venturesome, investigative ways aim to nudge the use of the medium a little further, and allows her readers and students to take advantage of the medium to produce free, lively works of art.

Jane has demonstrated at the prestigious Mall Galleries in London and the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford; and was Artist in Residence at the BBC's Gardener's World Live event. She has written for several art magazines and streams live workshops for the SAA. Jane also holds regular workshops in her studios in St Ives in Cornwall and Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire, where she lives.



Using mediums, grounds, textures and much more, this book is full of hints, tips, explanation, inspiration and examples. As well as exercises, there are extended projects that develop a subject or an idea fully and give you the chance to bring several different techniques together.

Leisure Painter, February 2019

Watercolours don't have to be delicate and subdued; they can be full of vibrancy, texture and dynamism. Jane Betteridge shows you how to be more adventurous with the medium. The book includes numerous innovative techniques, all clearly explained and illustrated, step-by-step projects to show you how to use and combine the techniques you've learnt and over 70 inspiring finished paintings, which demonstrate how crackle paste, metallic leaf, print, modelling pastes and much more can transform your watercolours. 

The Artist, February 2019

If you want to get adventurous with watercolour, this book will both inspire and tell you just about everything you need to know. Jane is not an experimenter for experiment's sake and her results are always driven by creativity. The ways of getting there stretch the capabilities of her medium to their very limits. This is an exciting book that makes full use of colour, surfaces, textures and pastes as well as inks, gouache and salt. The demonstrations, as befits the book, are more dynamic in style and less geared towards the step-by-step style of titles aimed at the beginner. Jane takes her work and her readers seriously and this is more a collection of ideas that you'll want to develop for yourself rather than a series of exercises to copy. This is an enjoyable foray into the splendidly diverse possibilities of the medium. 


In her newest book, the continuation of Watercolour unleashed, the artist Jane Betteridge shows us how to give a painting more expressiveness and dynamic, by using different techniques, colours and textures. For advanced painters it can be assumed that the basics like paper, brushes and colours are known, so they are only shortly mentioned at the beginning.

The first chapter deals with the topic of surfaces. Besides conventional painting on paper, there are other surfaces like plastic, wood, metal or ceramics that can be painted on with watercolour after being pre-treated with a primer medium.
Interesting results are produced by gluing printed paper, tissue paper, metallic leafs or applying modelling compound. Many examples show the process of preparing the basic painting surface and the end result after applying the colours. The possible applications are infinitely variable. Two step-by-step projects incorporate some of her techniques.

The next chapter shows unconventional items and ingredients, that can be added to watercolour. Ink, granulation or pearlescent medium, bronzing powder and many more additives in combination with watercolours give it an unmatched expressiveness. Many example pictures and detailed photos show the vast spectrum of utilisation that is possible. In this chapter again are two detailed step-by-step projects.

The book ends with the chapter ideas and inspiration which gives inspiration for realising once own ideas.

Jane Betteridges paintings captivate with their harmonic colour selection, which has an unique vibrancy. When depicting nature scenes she shows her great love for detail. Advanced painters will be excited by the wealth of inspirational ideas and useful tips. Through usage of unusual resources and colour supplementary, in connection with the usage of watercolours on different surfaces, emerge myriads of variations to increase the expressiveness of one's pictures. Additionally her step-by-step guides are very helpful.

Customer Review

Artist, Jane Betteridge offers a wealth of information, tips and advice in this follow up to her book Watercolours Unleashed.

The book has something for every budding watercolour enthusiast, being packed with information about the basics of watercolour painting in the chapter, Pure Watercolour, which takes you through all the materials you will need to use, mixing colours and basic techniques as well as advanced tips and techniques.

The reader is then introduced to different methods of preparing the painting surface, adding texture to a painting to create depth and make a real impact.

The next part of the book covers other ways to add to your painting to create that extra magic. I was interested to read about the use of salt and plastic wrap to give your work a new dimension. I tried the use of plastic wrap and have added a picture of my test to my review.

All along the way, as you are taken through the different painting techniques, the artist provides a step by step project to complete to put into practice what you have learned.

The book ends with a chapter dedicated to ideas and inspiration for how you can put everything you have learned previously into practice.

This is a very inspiring and user friendly read, I learnt a lot from it!

Paint magazine (November 2018)

With all the books that have been published, finding an original take on watercolour is a tall order. However, this really rather exciting work (Jane's second book) should get the creative juice's flowing.

The subtitle "An exploration of colour, texture and technique" gives you an idea of what to expect and this is a thrilling ride. Jane is not afraid to work with mediums, paste and metallic leaf and stencils and she also shows you how to use salt, gouache and stencils to grab your medium by the scruff of the neck and drag it firmly into the 21st Century. Demure and long-skirted this isn't. 

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