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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 29 May 2018
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782216209
  • Stock: 2 in stock
  • Size: 222x222 mm
  • Illustrations: 400
  • Pages: 128
  • RRP Price: £10.99
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Paper Craft Home


25 beautiful projects to cut, fold and shape by Sarah Louise Matthews

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Book Description

25 beautiful projects to cut, fold and shape for your home.

Papercrafting is a perennial favourite among crafters it’s creative, accessible, and inexpensive, making it perfect for gifting. A blank sheet of paper offers limitless possibilities and unexpected ways in which it can be cut, scored, creased, shaped, and glued to transform an everyday material into something extraordinary and precious. In this book by renowned paper engineer and papercut product designer Sarah Louise Matthews, you will discover 25 gorgeous papercraft projects for home décor to make for yourself or as gifts for friends and family. Start by learning the essential techniques, including papercutting, scoring, folding, shaping, and glueing, then dive straight into the myriad beautiful designs from pop-up cards and cake toppers to lampshades, fairylights and even a cuckoo clock! For the more complex designs, templates have also been printed in the book which you can scan or trace for a quick and easy start to your papercutting journey. Papercutting is one of the most popular crafts around, and no wonder with just a few tools you can draw beautiful designs with your scalpel and experience the relaxing, creative and rewarding experience of paperworking.

About the Author

About Sarah Louise Matthews

Sarah Louise Matthews is a paper engineer and papercut product designer based in Nottingham, UK. With a degree in Textiles Surface Design, she has worked with various brands to create all manner of bespoke paper-engineered objects for photo shoots, visual merchandising, and events. Alongside this, Sarah designs and makes her range of contemporary paper-cut stationery, decorations, and artwork, which she sells online. Her innovative and playful paper designs explore cutting, folding, gluing, and interlocking, and take inspiration from nature and architecture.

Sarah’s work has appeared in print and online in magazines including Mollie Makes and Uppercase, and was featured as part of Etsy’s 2013 Christmas Campaign. For further information go to


Craft Focus Magazine Dec 2018/Jan 2019

Written by renowned paper engineer and product designer Sarah Louise Matthews, this beautifully illustrated title features new and unexpected ways to cut, score, crease, shape and glue paper, turning it from an everyday material into something extraordinary. The book features essential techniques that will help the reader make everything from pop-up cards to cake toppers, lampshades, fairy lights and even a cuckoo clock. 

Postcard Reviews

So this a book I really loved.
25 projects which range from pots for pencils and plants, to flowers for decoration, cards and much more are beautifully demonstrated and simple to make. Some care and patience is needed, a few of the projects are intricate, but this adds to their stunning effects, and I spent a whole morning having fun making a card that will definitely brighten someones day. Paper Craft Home is visually impressive. The instructions are simple to follow, with pictures and words guiding you along. The templates are included, some will need to be enlarged, and this makes them completely adaptable. This inspiring book is perfect for advanced crafters. The projects are delightful, which makes ideal gifts or to prettiful any room or event

Fill your home and delight your family and friends with these fun papercraft projects.  You wont need a die cutter or any expensive tools; just basic items, a steady hand and some patience.  The results are twenty-five lovely, professional looking and very contemporary pieces from pictures to gift boxes, garlands, planters, decorations and ornaments. I love a book which uses traditional, simple materials and comes up with something that looks totally modern.  If you are already a papercrafter you wont need to buy anything new and if you are not then scissors, a craft knife and plenty of plain, colored paper is mostly all you require.  There are lists of what you need at the front but the emphasis is on the making rather than the buying.  A helpful guide to the layout of projects is included so you get the most out of them, plus a list of symbols denoting techniques used and three skill levels.  Before the projects there are several pages where beginners can learn the skills they need.  Cutting, curling, folding, scoring and tying a perfect bow are all covered with staged photographs.  Each project also has these; either square or prettily shaped like hexagons recalling bee hives giving the pages an attractive layout. There are some imaginative and unusual pieces in here including a swan gift bag, a vase of twigs sporting cherry blossom, summer festival floral crown, a wonderfully elaborate Polish paper chandelier decoration, faux cuckoo clock and my own favorite a string of LED fairy lights with metallic paper flower shades.  Some of the templates will need to be enlarged but mostly most of this book will be doable as soon as you receive the book.  Papercraft for the 21st century.

Papercraft Post

The author of this delightful new papercraft book, Sarah Louise Matthews, studied textile design. Her training is evident in the graceful shapes of her papercraft designs she must be great at floral prints, as evidenced by her wonderful floral papercraft creations. The projects in the book are imaginative and exhibit lots of variety although the books title is pushing the envelope a bit.The projects are decorative accessories and not really permanent homeware, paper being best suited to temporary, not permanent makes. Having said that, all the designs are extremely appealing you will want to make them. 

Cutting, scoring, and folding are required to make most of the projects.One of my favourites is the facetted Minimal Vase, which to pop over a drinking glass. Genius. Theres a Swan Gift Bag (wouldnt be surprised if it was inspired by Bjorks famous red carpet dress), a very giftable Flower Pencil Topper, Floral Cake Toppers (ideal, with home baking so very popular). Looking in on another design trend, the facetted Paper Pineapple is great fun (but not functional). And the Cactus Desk Tidy will bring a smile to succulent fans. 

As you progress through the book, the projects gradually ramp up in difficulty (theres a Cuckoo Clock, complete with working mechanism). On-page photography step-by-steps are supplied, and templates are given back-of-book (many do require enlargement)

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