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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 07 September 2020
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782217428
  • Stock: 50+
  • Size: 204x260 mm
  • Illustrations: 450
  • Pages: 128
  • RRP: £12.99
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Lace Reimagined


30 inspiring projects for making and using lace creatively by Elizabeth Healey

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Book Description

Typically associated with frilly hankies and flouncy collars that are time-consuming to make and invariably white, the 30 projects in this book span the colour spectrum and make use of a range of media including paper, fabric, thread and even concrete!

This original and exciting guide to lace is a visual feast of 30 inspiring step-by-step projects. It includes in-depth features and fascinating asides relating to the history of lace and it will encourage you to experiment and inspire you with handy tips. The projects use bobbin lace, needle lace, needle weaving and drawn-thread work, all of which are clearly illustrated for beginners. Some projects feature techniques such as using concrete and papier-mâché; some feature ready-made lace, either entirely, or as something that can be added to. 

Table of Contents

The basics8
A basic sewing kit10
Tools for making lace grounds12
Bobbin lace basics14
Preparing bobbins 14
Cross and twist braid 15
Cloth stitch 16
Whole stitch lace 19
Double whole stitch lace 24
Tatting basics25
How to hold the needle 25
Making a double stitch 26
Making picots 26
Rings 27
Chains 27
Joining picots 27
Joining in new threads 27
Split rings 28
Net darning29
Embroidery basics31
Needlelace stitches 31
Drawn and pulled stitches 34
Freestyle embroidery 37
Found & made38
Something old, something new40
Visible mending 44
Fish motif 46
Little green fingers 50
Peggy-Sue 52
Shirtwaist buttons 56
On the button 60
Teneriffe lace 62
Wall hanging 66
Torchon headband 70
Rag doll Tattiana 72
Floating cloud 75
Fairy wings 78
Paper lace bowl 84
Low-sew lace bowls 87
Gold leaves 88
Moths to a flame 92
Shadow boxers 94
Shadow play: Black Queen 96
Red queen 100
Skeleton leaf fan 102
Lace impressions 106
Sailor boy 110
Twisted lace 112
Printed ephemera 114
Further reading127

About the Author

About Elizabeth Healey

Elizabeth Healey originally trained as a graphic designer at the London College of Printing, after which she worked in various design groups before gravitating to the world of illustrated books. For as long as she can remember she has made things usually with yarn or cloth, but sometimes with paper and clay. She is particularly interested in utility stitching and tries to use recycled textiles wherever possible, in a way that looks fresh, modern and urban rather than old and fusty. Elizabeth has contributed articles to the following magazines, Knitting, Making, Crafty, Felt Matters and Pretty Patches. Her first book, Stitch, Fabric & Thread was published in 2016.

You can see examples of her work on her blog: www.elizabethsquarters.blogspot.co.uk.


Amazon Customer Review

A great book for someone new to lace making but ready to explore projects using lace.

As an enthusiastic embroiderer I like the variable ideas for lace making additions to new projects. The basics are covered with clear and easy to follow illustrations. Whilst the creative ideas may be quirky and in some ways involve abstract concepts they can be incorporated into many other pieces of work.

Im excited about the opportunities to experiment with button shapes, tatting ideas, silhouette designs and vintage patterns for example. Lots to incorporate into possible wall hangings, garments or ornamental objects.

A great book for the lace making beginner but whos also someone whos ready to explore and expand on ways to get creative with lace.

Amazon Customer Review

This book is beautifully presented with a wealth of detailed instructions to inspire creation of an enormous variety of lace designs. Coloured photos and line drawings of clearly laid out techniques add to the quality of the book.

Machine Knitting Monthly

This feast of 30 inspiring step-by-step projects includes in-depth features relating to the history of lace. Bobbin and needle lace, needle weaving and drawn-thread work are all clearly illustrated for beginners.


There are tired old stereotypical ideas of lace that this book merrily sets about challenging and blowing apart. Elizabeth Healey takes lace in all sorts of directions, making for an unexpected and entertaining journey. Throughout stories are interwoven giving not just historical context but bringing the skill to life. Although its Elizabeths refreshing definition of lace that is the real triumph. Certainly, she pays proper respect to the tools and techniques: bobbin lace, tatting, net darning, needlelace and more are covered. But its when the projects start that the fun begins: using a soldering iron to make a paper-lace bowl and embroidering spray painted leaves run alongside a magical set of fairy wings and an heirloom scarf fashioned from happy memories. By dipping into other skills and inspiring creative experimentation, Elizabeths book offers so much more than was ever expected and becomes even more appealing. Youll never think of lace in the same way again!

Postcard Reviews

Getting creative with lace is what this book is all about. There are 30 projects using lace, whether that be handmade, shop bought, vintage or scraps.

The designs of each project in this book are both unusual and unique. I love the quirkiness that is incorporated in the projects and I think this adds to their beauty.

It is well worth reading this book before you dive into any of the projects. There is a lot of information and the illustrations do help with the understanding of working with lace and lace making in general. There are templates included, and I just reading the stories about lace that is littered throughout the book.

This interesting book is quite appealing, and whatever you think about lace in general be prepared to have a change of thought.

Amazon Customer Review

Good clear instructions to a range of interesting and new patterns.

Amazon Customer Review

Beautifully photographed. Lots of different ideas using lace both old and new. Suitable for all abilities. Recommend that you buy this book and get inspired to make beautiful things.

Amazon Customer Review

I am a complete beginner when it comes to crafting with lace, but loved a lot of the project ideas in this book. There is 30 to choose from. There is a wonderful introduction at the beginning of the book, which was great for me as a beginner, which goes through all the tools like needles, pins and threads etc. It is recommended to invest in a basic sewing kit to begin with. There is also sections on bobbin lace basics, tatting basics, net darning, embroidery basics with easy to follow diagrams. I found the information quite easy to digest and quick to pick up the concepts paired with the diagrams. There is various templates for some of the projects at the back of the book.

Not all of the projects would be things I would jump to make, but there is lots to choose from and some of the projects I particularly like are:
Shirtwaist buttons (needle lace buttons)
Fairy Wings
Paper Lace Bowl
Skeleton Leaf Fan

I definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in lace wanting to be inspired!

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