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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback with flaps
  • Publication: 08 April 2021
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782218432
  • Stock: 50+
  • Size: 216x280 mm
  • Illustrations: 450
  • Pages: 144
  • RRP: £17.99
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Pulled Thread Embroidery


Stitches, techniques & over 140 exquisite designs by Marie-Hélène Jeanneau

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Book Description

Also known as 'counted thread openwork' or 'drawn fabric embroidery', this beautiful whitework technique is achieved by simply pulling on the threads of the fabric, without cutting or drawing them. It is worked on loosely woven fabrics using a fine tapestry needle, and involves accurately counting the threads to create intricate, geometric designs.

Pulled thread embroidery is well suited to modern-day decorative use, either on its own or combined with other techniques such as hand embroidery, patchwork and quilting. Create gorgeous, delicate edgings for table linen, or beautifully simple yet intricate designs for cushion covers, lampshades or purses. With clear instructions, stitch diagrams, charts and photographs for over 140 stunning designs, plus inspiring photographs of finished pieces, this book is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in this exquisite form of openwork embroidery. 

Table of Contents


The Basic Stitches 15

Pulled satin stitch
and damask stitch 17
Variations 36
Diagonal pulled satin stitch 54

Straight four-sided stitch 59
Variation 66
Diagonal four-sided stitch 68

Straight wave stitch 73
Specific case: chain stitch 78
Diagonal wave stitch 81

Straight zigzag stitch 87
Faggot stitch 90
Double faggot stitch 98

or half diagonal four-sided stitch

Upright cross stitch 111
Ordinary cross stitch 115

Index of fillings 141
Biography 143
Bibliography & Resources 144

About the Author

About Marie-Hélène Jeanneau

Marie-Hélène Jeanneau learnt to embroider as a young child, then later in life, in the 1970s, she developed her interest in the textile arts. As she explored the world of textiles, she was increasingly drawn to embroidery and the endless possibilities it allowed in terms of the interplay of design, texture and materials. During the course of her work she came across pulled threadwork, and began to explore this technique from a contemporary angle. By the late 1980s embroidery had become her full-time pursuit. She began to create her own collections and exclusive designs for a range of items including children’s accessories and household linen. In 2008 she began to design pulled thread embroidery patterns, as well as offering courses and internships in embroidery. By seeking inspiration from multiple sources, she gave traditional techniques a modern twist, creating fresh, new designs to embellish everyday objects. Sadly, Marie-Hélène died in 2018, just before the publication of the original French edition.


Machine Knitting Monthly

Create beautiful edgings for table linen, or simple yet intricate designs for cushion covers, lampshades, or purses. There are inspiring photos, clear instructions, stitch diagrams and charts for over 140 designs. This book is invaluable for anyone interested in exquisite openwork embroidery.

Customer Review

This is a great book. 

I love the cover of the book; the design is exquisite makes me eager to want to open the book. The cover insert and products are very appealing visually and I love the different stitch techniques illustrated on this page. The introduction explains pulled thread embroidery in simple terms and the origins of the craft was fascinating to read. Its user friendly for crafters of all abilities and the explanation of materials useful and clearly explained. The Staircase stitch is stunning and I love the cross stitch design.

Book Threads Magazine

The charts are clearly drawn, and the images are very well photographed, something which is not easy to do with whitework! Suggestions for the best way to work the stitches are carefully explained. At the start of each chapter is a photograph of an item that uses the stitches in the following sections. These, too, are beautifully photographed, so well that it is almost possible to work out the details of the pattern from the photograph alone. 

The effects produced by the various stitches are lovely, and the ways of adapting them by altering the thread, or by the spacing of stitching, and by working the stitch in different directions, are mind-blowing in their variety. The cover boasts over 140 different stitches, but when you take account of the variations of thread and spacing, there are in fact many more. 


As a reference book of ideas to use in your own designs, this book is a treasure for anyone interested in pulled thread work. It is certainly very welcome addition to my bookshelves - except that it will probably not be on the actual shelves much - it is far too useful to remain in its allotted place for long!

Cross Stitcher

Traditionalists will love learning how to work counted thread openwork or drawn fabric embroidery.

A whitework technique which complements cross stitching, you can also use it on its own. There are over 240 designs included, such as delicate edgings for table linen, or beautiful designs for cushion covers, lampshades or purses. There are also clear instructions, stitch diagrams, charts and photos for every project.

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