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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BB Hardback
  • Publication: 12 September 2023
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781800921634
  • Stock: 50+
  • Size: 127x180 mm
  • Illustrations: 256
  • Pages: 128
  • RRP: £9.99
  • Series: The Companion Series
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The Embroidery Stitch Companion


by Coline Bavois

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Book Description

The practical, indispensible, inspirational guide that every embroiderer needs.

Compact enough to travel alongside your needles and threads, this is also a sumptuous visual guide to needlecraft, allowing you to embroider whatever you want, wherever you want.

From making sound stitch choices to finishing your work with a flourish, the techniques within the book are those that the author uses and frequently revisits, and are simplified to ensure that the art of embroidery is within anyone's reach.

If you are a beginner, you will find all the information you need to get started, and soon gain confidence in your skills. If you are an established and confident embroiderer, the book includes plenty of tips and ideas to help you progress your work even further. 

Dip in and out of the book as you wish, and follow your own creative embroidery aspirations! The book starts out by introducing all that you need to become an embroiderer, and then explains the basic techniques: preparing your fabric, threading the needle, and even displaying your work in a hoop.

Learn a selection of simple stitches, before progressing to more complex stitches that will take your embroidery skills to the next level.

Let costume designer Coline Bavois, and The Embroidery Stitch Companion, become your indispensable guides to this timeless needlecraft.

Table of Contents


Introduction 4

PART ONE: Embroidery essentials 6

Fabrics 8, Threads 10, Needles 12, Scissors 14, Embroidery hoops 15, Erasable marking pens 16, Transfer papers 18

PART TWO: Basic techniques 20

Preparing the fabric 22, Transferring designs 24, Securing the fabric 26, Thread best-practice 30, Threading needles 33, Starting to stitch 34, Fastening off 38, Final touches 42, Displaying the embroidery in its hoop 44, Decorative ideas 48, General advice 50 

PART THREE: Stitch guide 52

Running stitch 56, Laced running stitch 58, Backstitch 60, Whipped backstitch 62, Stem stitch 64, Couching stitch 66, Chain stitch 68, Detached chain stitch 70, Fly stitch 72, Blanket stitch 74, Feather stitch 76, Cross stitch 78, French knot 80, Bullion knot 82, Straight stitch 86, Scattered straight stitch 88, Satin stitch 90, Shaded satin stitch 92, Planning a design 96 

PART FOUR: Further ideas 98

Using appliqué to attach embroidery 102, Embroidering a T-shirt (or other stretchy fabric) 108, Embroidering with beads 112, Further creative inspiration 125

Acknowledgements 128

About the Author

About Coline Bavois

Coline Bavois discovered embroidery 10 years ago during her costume design studies, and it was love at first sight. Today she is a costume designer for the cinema industry, and she embroiders for films but also in haute couture projects, on top of her personal work in artistic embroidery. She likes to mimic natural textures, using natural items such as coral and tree bark for inspiration. She enjoys working with traditional material in unusual ways, and also uses recycled materials.

She sometimes gets to exhibit her work, such as at the London-based competition, Hand and Lock, where she was one of the final contestants in 2018.

Coline has worked on films and TV series as a costumier, such as Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019) and as a seamstress on the new Amazon Prime serial, The Serpent Queen (2022).


Customer Review

What a super little book. Yes it has lots of stitches but there are basic techniques as well. Lovely illustrations not just of the stitches but the stitch within a small project just to get you inspired.

I think the smaller physical size of the book makes it easy to pack with your project when travelling as well. We all need reminders of how to do things sometimes.

Perfect for those with a little knowledge and want more.

Library Journal

Costume designer and embroidery aficionado Bavoiss book is sure to attract newcomers to the field of needle arts. She covers embroidery essentials, including types of fabrics, needles, threads, hoops, and transfer papers. Her book, written in precise language, teaches basic techniques, such as preparing the fabric, threading needles, and fastening off. Theres also decorative advice and a visual stitch guide that demonstrates how to create running, stem, back, blanket, and cross stitches with French and bullion knots.

This handbooks instructions progress in complexity. It includes illustrations and photographs that are clear with easy-to-understand directions. The last part of the book shows more advanced techniques, such as using appliques, embroidering a T-shirt, and incorporating and applying beads.

VERDICT: A well-organized and thoughtful embroidery guide. Great for beginners wishing to learn an exciting new skill. Also for experienced embroiderers who need or want to brush up on their techniques and improve their skills.

Customer Review

I'm a textile artist and teach embroidery in some of my classes. I can see this book being a great recommendation for any of my students who don't have any previous experience, and for those who need a reminder.

Experienced stitchers will enjoy the look and feel of the book, but may get less from it in the longer term. As is says on the cover, the author focusses on her favourite, and most used stitches. So be aware that this is NOT a stitch dictionary for expanding your stitching repertoire if you already know the basics. It doesn't pretend to be that, and there are plenty of those about. This book fits into it's own niche perfectly. A pocket-sized embroidery primer that will travel with you while you build your skills and confidence.

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