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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 02 April 2012
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781844485635
  • Stock: 50+
  • Size: 220x280 mm
  • Illustrations: 200
  • Pages: 128
  • RRP: £15.99
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Art in Felt & Stitch


Creating beautiful works of art using fleece, fibres and threads by Moy Mackay

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Book Description

In this visually stunning book, Moy Mackay reveals how you too can create beautiful pictures using felt. Characterised by her wonderful use of colour, Moy’s work is breathtaking and includes still-lifes, animals and landscapes inspired by the dramatic scenery of the Scottish Borders where she lives and works. Moy takes you through every step of the process, including the materials and tools you need, the feltmaking process itself (which is easier than you’d imagine), and how to put together four fabulous felt paintings of your own.

There is guidance on stitching, including both hand- and machine-stitching, as well as how to use colour and introduce texture in the form of different fibres and threads. There are numerous examples of Moy’s work through the book, and by the end you will not fail to be inspired to create gorgeous felt paintings of your own.

"Moy's passionate use of colour and the deep texture created by felting are what draw me to her work. I also like the way that she concentrates on her surroundings for her subject matter her work is very free." - Kaffe Fassett

  • A vibrant introduction to producing colourful pictures in felt
  • Covers the basic techniques through clear, step-by-step instructions and photographs
  • Four fabulous projects, and numerous examples of the author’s work throughout the book make this an ideal source of information and ideas for artists of all abilities

Table of Contents

Introduction 6
Materials and equipment 10
Inspiration 20
Colour 22
Texture 26
Composition 28
Techniques 30
Landscapes 52
Birds 76
Flowers 92
Still life 110
Index 128

About the Author

About Moy Mackay

Since graduating from the Glasgow School of Art in 1990 with a degree in Design specialising in printed textiles, Moy Mackay has gone on to develop an innovative felting style. Using merino fleece fibres in the same way that a painter uses brushstrokes, she then embellishes them with machine and hand embroidery. She has exhibited her work at numerous venues throughout the UK and also in the US, and she has built up a steadily increasing fan base. Moy works from her studio in the Tweed Valley as well as running The Moy Mackay Gallery in Peebles. Since her first bestselling book Art in Felt & Stitch was published in April 2012, followed by Flowers in Felt & Stitch in 2014, Moy’s work has gained worldwide exposure and she now teaches classes both at home and abroad. In 2013 she won Silver in the category of Textiles and Needlecraft, judged by Kaffe Fassett at the British Craft & Design Selected Awards. In 2016 Moy was a contestant on Sky Arts' Landscape Artist of the Year where she was shortlisted to the final three in her heat.



We love this refreshing take on how we can use our own photographs as inspiration, creating unique felt versions.  We think its fresh and we are drawn in by Mackays passion for her subject. This isnt an artist simply producing a book for the sake of it, this seems to be her life and love.

For the full review click here.

Crochet Addict UK

May 2015

Since learning to needle felt I have wanted to take it to the next level. This book takes me to that next level and far beyond. Moy gives you everything you need to make the most amazing felted pictures. She uses everything from needle felting, wet felting & sewing to create the most amazing pictures. She takes you through step-by-step each of the techniques so that you'll be able to create each of the pictures in the book. She also gives you all this knowledge so that you can create your own. II love the pictures that you can create. They look amazing! I haven't used some of the techniques in the book but after reading the instructions I feel confident that I will be able to perform them. Moy's use of colours is amazing. I can't wait to try her colour mixes. I feel they will give me more confidence to use more colours in my own projects. I can't believe the amazing looks she gets from her techniques in this book. I've already ordered the items I'll need to make my first picture. I just hope I can do justice to her amazing book.

Journal for Weavers, Spinners & Dyers

Summer 13

Vivid colours and dramatic scenery attracted me to this book. Moys enthusiastic introduction describes how her love of painting, drawing and making things from an early age progressed to create work that utilises colour and subjects in an uplifting, inspiring way. Her bio explains that Since graduating from Glasgow School of Art with a BA (Hons) degree in Design, she has lived and worked as a full time artist in the beautiful Scottish Borders, which are the main source of inspiration for her work. Moy hopes that her book will inspire and guide you to create in felt, and that through it she can pass on the positive encouragement given by her creative mother and uncle who nurtured her early efforts. The clear contents page outlines a natural progression of topics to inspire even those who have been previously hesitant, to create their own felt painting. The first few chapters give full details of the materials and equipment required. Chapters with advice on source of inspiration, colour, texture, composition and techniques follow. Projects are grouped under the headings of landscapes, birds, flowers and still life. Clear, easy to follow, step by step instructions accompany photographs to guide you through all the basic techniques. These include the felting process itself as well as how to embellish it to create form and structure with machine and hand stitching. Plentiful inspiring photos of Moys own felt paintings enhance the book. I think that this book is suitable for people with all ranges of experience and it has certainly inspired me. Linda Russell, Gwent Guild


May 13

Moy's passionate use of colour and the deep texture created by felting are what draw me to her work. I also like the way that she concentrates on her surroundings for her subject matter - her work is very free. (Kaffe Fassett)


Apr 12

It is fabulous. If you like contemporary art, with vivid colour and lots of texture then this book is for you. There are lots of pictures of Moys work, and plenty of supporting text. Additionally, there are four diverse projects which detail, step-by-step, how to create similar work using felting, embellishing and stitching techniques. I'm awaiting the delivery of some wool and silk tops, so I can get started.-"BushBabyJane", Amazon

Workshop On The Web

Sept 12

This book is a refreshing take on still life and art. Moy Mackay creates her pictures using felting and stitch and gives guidance in the book on how these beautiful works are created. The book begins with an introduction to all the materials and equipment you would need to tackle this kind of work. There is an interesting section where you can see, via instruction and photographs, the progression from wool tops to finished piece. It is quite surprising that the majority of design work is completed prior to felting, and what follows from that is embellishment. It covers the process of wet felting, needle felting, machine and hand stitching, and how each technique adds to the picture. After the initial tutorial, there are three project sections that cover Landscapes, Birds and Flowers. You are guided through these with step-by-step photographs and there is also a gallery of a series of works to illustrate each section. It is a wonderful book to read, with good clear instruction to guide you, and to see the finished pieces which are so colourful and perfectly executed is impetus for the reader to try their own.

East Kent Embroiderer's Guild

Jun/Jul 12

Using fleece, fibres and threads, Moy creates stunning felt paintings, combining felt-making with fine art in a unique way. Comprehensive step-by-step instructions guide the reader through the basic techniques and continue with four projects, where Moy shows how to use machine and hand embroidery to produce landscapes, still-life studies of flowers and animals. This colourful and exciting book will inspire the felt-maker to try a different approach to their craft.


Jun/Jul 12

Moy Mackay's unique and vibrant 'felt paintings' are created by replacing paint as a medium with fleece, fibres and threads and combining traditional felting techniques with fine art. The result is an exquisite fusion of art, felt and stitch that is both up-lifting and inspiring. There is clear guidance through all of the basic techniques, including the felting process itself and how to use machine and hand stitching to further create form and texture. The four projects and numerous examples of Moy's work complete this visual feast, which cannot fail to inspire and excite painters and textile artists alike.


Jun/Jul 12

Hot water and soap have a profound effect on wool. If your favourite sweater has accidentally been treated that way, you are probably less than thrilled with the outcome. But, if the process was intentional, you've probably been experimenting with the art of felting and creating one of the earliest fabrics known to man. Dry needle-felting using a felting needle or embellisher machine is currently very popular, but the techniques in this book use the traditional wet-felting methods. Every step of the process is clearly described and illustrated with step-by-step photos. The results are simply beautiful and the 'fibre paintings' range from softly impressionistic landscapes to still-lifes of teacups and bold flowers. Needle-felting is used to refine the shapes and simple hand and machine stitching add definition, details and, of course, texture. Moy shares the techniques that she uses to create her beautiful pictures, and every stage is beautifully illustrated with clear photographs. She begins at the very beginning, showing how to card the fibres, lay them down to form the picture and finally felt the piece. When the felting process is complete, more photos show the process of needle-felting to add details and stitching to create definition in the finished piece. There are four projects, which take you through the processes used to create a patchwork landscape, birds, flowers and a still-life (teacup and cakes). If this book doesn't persuade you to explore the creativity of felting, nothing will.

Felt Matters

June 12

This is a lovely book. It is beautifully produced with Moy's felt paintings vibrantly reproduced. The book takes the reader through all the processes beginning with a full description of her colour blending and all materials used in her work. There may be a little too much detail on the techniques of hand carding but that is only a slight criticism. Moy is exceptionally generous with her descriptions and tips, which are scattered around the pages. The reader is taken step by step through all the elements of her work from the designing, preparation, laying of fibres, felting, embellishing, needle felting and embroidery with hand and machine. The projects start with a quite simple scene of bucolic bliss, proceeding onto a patchwork landscape and then on to more complicated designs. These exercises are interspersed with some wonderful nature pieces and landscapes of exceptional beauty. She is a very talented artist and colourist. This is a book which will inspire, delight and instruct and may lead the reader on to experiments of their own or you can just enjoy it for its wonderful images.


June 12

Moy Mackay creates beautiful works of art using fleece, fiber and threads in her book "Art in Felt & Stitch". It is filled with colorful felt paintings of still-life, animals and landscapes inspired by her home in the Scottish Borders. See how she uses various felt techniques to achieve her paintings. Felt is one of the earliest fabrics and is older than weaving, spinning and knitting. The book itself is a work of art with the fiber colors jumping off the page in the numerous photographs. Four step by step projects are included with instructional pictures that are clear, detailed and inspiring and numerous. Also included are many examples of her finished pieces. Moy walks you through the materials and equipment you will need. She explains about fibers and texture, composition and technique. Wool, bamboo and silk are just a few of the fibers she works with. Learn about needle and wet felting and using machine and hand stitching to strengthen the highlights and shadows and creating depth. Her flowers are lovely and landscapes breath taking. It is her project of the Birds with berries and her felt painting of Waxwing with Cherry and Lime Blossom that will make you sigh. If you have been thinking about trying your hand at felting or felting pictures in particular, you will enjoy every page of her book.


May 12

'Art in Felt & Stitch' by Moy Mackay is a colourful splash of fleece, fibre and thread. The book involves wet felting with wool tops and machine stitching on top of the picture created with it. The book has very clear instructions at the beginning and is excellent if you are thinking of starting to felt pictures. There are six projects in the book with quite a few pages on each one and there is a very clear photographic step-by-step process to follow. What irritates me sometimes about art books is that they can show you how to draw or paint a complex picture and only show four stages. Suddenly they've finished the picture and you wonder how many stages they've skipped over while your picture looks nothing like the final shot in the book. Moy has photographed each stage so if you are a beginner you won't feel lost or frustrated. Each layer is shown and you get a feel for what she has done in each step. Moy explains her inspiration for using felt in the book:

"My 'felt paintings', as I call them, are [...] a way of placing the strokes of coloured fibres as one would place brushstrokes. The results are strikingly rich in colour and texture, and as my passion is for colour, there is a great deal of satisfaction to be had from working with this medium in this way." If you love texture and colour I can't imagine why you wouldn't love this book. A three-dimensional soft intricate woollen picture looks amazing and can look more dramatic than an oil painting.

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