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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 24 February 2014
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781844489084
  • Stock: Temporarily Out of Stock
  • Size: 216x280 mm
  • Illustrations: 0
  • Pages: 144
  • RRP: £14.99
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Pastels Unleashed


by Margaret Evans

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Book Description

Margaret Evans uses fantastically innovative techniques with pastels, including wet techniques as well as dry. Here she shows pastel artists how to unleash their pastels and really get creative.

Margaret Evans shows artists how to unleash the creative power of pastels. She shares her huge enthusiasm for the medium and her expertise in the properties of pastels, showing how to choose papers or use underpainting techniques to make the most of them. She demonstrates the stages: sketching in, blocking in and then building up, that lead to a successful painting, and then the dry and wet techniques that really unleash the potential of pastels. She shows how to use turpentine and how to dilute or intensify colours, and there is information of composition, perspective, painting figures and mood and atmosphere, all helping equip the reader to paint in her fantastically creative way. She also shows how she develops painting ideas from her wonderfully inspiring photographs, workbooks and travel diaries. There are then six beautiful step by step demonstrations.

High-profile author
Fantastic innovative techniques to inspire pastel artists
Packed with excellent tuition and inspiring paintings
6 beautiful step-by-step projects

About the Author

About Margaret Evans

Margaret Evans is a well-known artist and practical art teacher who specialises in figure work and portraiture, as well as pastel painting. She has exhibited her work with the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, the Pastel Society and the United Society of Artists and now runs extremely successful painting courses from her studio in Scotland, as well as working on commissions in all media. Margaret is an established contributor to the leisure painting press and has made a number of practical art videos.


Pastel Journal, The

Aug 2014

In Pastels Unleashed, artist and teacher Margaret Evans provides an empowering, user friendly approach to getting the most out of your pastels. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned pastelist, you're sure to benefit from her considerable insight and tips for exploring the medium. With easy-to-understand instruction, step-by-step photos, works in process and finished paintings, Evans effectively translates her 30 years of teaching experience into approachable topics, including materials; set-up; colour; value; techniques (both wet and dry); inspiration; composition; perspective; mood and atmosphere; and figures and animals.

More than half of the 144-page softbound book is comprised of six detailed step-by-step painting demonstrations of various landscapes, including mountain, woodland and coastal scenes. This book is a front-row seat to the process and potential of paint in pastel.

Karen Platt Yarnsandfabrics.co.uk/crafts

Mar 14

This is one of the best books I have seen on using pastels. Unleash the potential of this medium with the help of this fantastic book. Margaret shows you the techniques, both dry and wet. Great step by step projects and tuition are included. I particularly like the flowers, but the landscapes, buildings and figure work are all excellent. Beautiful colour is captured with excellent photography. Margaret has a keen sense of colour, an open mind to experimentation and the ability to produce stunning work. I admire Margarets innovative techniques. The book contains the usual information in painting books on materials and so on. Tonal value, technique, subjects, composition, perspective, mood and atmosphere, figures and animals are all discussed. There are 6 demonstrations including scenes of mountains; woods and water, Tuscany; Venice; coast and poppies. These are easy to follow. The book is illustrated throughout with outstanding work. This book is certainly worth purchasing. It is a must-have for any pastel artist.


Apr 14

If you have wanted to learn how to use pastels and discover what they are capable of, here is a book all about it. Hard, soft and pan pastels are all used and you can find out what paper to buy, what else you will need and tips on working indoors and out. You can use them wet to make washes and other effects, or dry of course and you can even mix them all of this is covered in the early part of the book. They are certainly more versatile than I ever realized (I didnt know you could use them wet for example) so expect the most up-to-date advice. There are six projects to work through to help you get the most out of what you have learned (in here called demonstrations), and subjects range from flowers to landscapes, townscapes and seascapes. Also included is plenty of information about composition, perspective, getting the mood right, working out of doors (in plein air sounds so much better!) and collecting subjects to paint. Anybody like me who thought that pastels were a rather limited medium will find this book instructive.

Leisure Painter, The

May 14

In her new book on pastel painting, experienced artist and tutor Margaret Evans hopes to dispel the myth that pastel isn't a serious medium and is only suited to loose sketches. Margaret feels it is the most spontaneous medium you can paint with, a pure and direct medium suited to many different styles. Here, she shows us just what it can do. Composition, perspective, mood and atmosphere, figures and animals are all dealt with separately, before Margaret moves on to her step-by-step demonstrations. These include atmospheric mountains, woods and water, a Tuscan hillside, evening in Venice, a coastal scene off the coast of Arran, and finally, garden poppies. Each demonstration is accompanied by up to 36 stages so they are very clearly explained and illustrated with Margaret's inspiring pastels.


Feb 14

Im always a bit wary of saying that something may be the best ever, because almost immediately something else comes along and I have to find a way of saying its even better. Im probably on safer ground with this, though, as pastels are definitely the Cinderella medium, with relatively few books written about them. The strange thing is, though, that there are almost no truly bad ones. It may be that the medium only really attracts the committed artist whos spent time developing their craft, or maybe publishers are more selective. Whatever it is, most pastels books are good and this is quite possibly the best ever. Lets start by saying what its not: its not a beginners guide. Yes, there are step-by step -demonstrations, yes there are chapters on materials and techniques, but they all assume a degree of prior knowledge. This isnt a way of warning you off if you want to learn the medium, though there are enough basic guides available that you should maybe start with. Rather, its a whoop of delight to find a book that treats you as a grown-up, that says, Add highlights to the centre of the right hand poppy. Tidy up the edges of the main flowers and freshen the colours and assumes you dont need any more detail than that. This is a book that sells itself. All you need to do is pick it up and flick through the pages and theres no chance you wont buy it. Theres just so much variety, from people and animals to landscapes and seascapes, fine-detail and broad-stroke work. Techniques include the relatively new idea of adding water and spirit to free the pure colour the medium contains. I usually manage to come up with a list of things a book is packed with, but this is packed with everything. Its a celebration of the medium thats going to delight and enthuse any pastellist.


Jan 14

Pastels are an underrated art medium. Many artists regard them as just coloured chalks, messy and unstable suitable only for loose sketches. Margaret Evans disagrees and in this book sets out to show just what can be done with pastels. She demonstrates a range of innovative techniques, such as dry glazing, scumbling and impasto which combined together in a painting can make a spectacular impact. Advice and suggestions are made for creating mood, atmosphere, figures and animals within this medium. Several step by step designs are provided: Atmospheric Mountains, Woods and Water, Tuscan Hillside, Evening in Venice, Coastal Scene, Garden Poppies. Taken together, they demonstrate the full range of what pastel useage can create. All her examples are backed up by clear instructions, drawings and paintings so that artists can see immediately what can be done, and how to do it. A useful and creative book, which is guaranteed to stimulate any artist.

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