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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 02 October 2013
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781844489633
  • Stock: 50+
  • Size: 190x246 mm
  • Illustrations: 0
  • Pages: 208
  • RRP: £14.99
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200 Crochet Stitches


A practical guide with actual-size swatches, charts, and step-by-step instructions by Sarah Hazell

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Book Description

A practical guide with actual-size swatches, charts, and instructions. 200 Crochet Stitches is designed to get crochet fans discovering new stitches and creative ways of working crochet. It contains a wealth of stitch patterns and how-to techniques.

Stitches are introduced and accompanied by clear photographic step-by-step instructions, charts, and examples of the stitches — as well as feature spreads that explore ideas for yarns and colourways and how to use the stitches in garments, accessories and homewares.

This collection includes crochet's most popular stitch styles: nubbly textured stitches, delicate lacy ones, technically challenging Tunisian, colourful, graphic and endlessly adaptable chevrons and ripples, and finishing techniques. Stitches include ridges, cables, crossed, spikes, filet, mesh-like, trellis, shells, picots, fans, Tunisian, openwork, chevrons, ripples, bobbles and puffs.

  • Contains 200 crochet stitch designs and creative ways of working crochet
  • Includes crochet's most popular stitch styles: nubbly textured stitches, delicate lacy ones, technically challenging Tunisian, colourful, graphic and endlessly adaptable chevrons and ripples, and finishing techniques.
  • Over 350 beautiful photos and images to accompany the stitch patterns

Table of Contents

PRELIMS (5 pp)

There is a new energy in crochet, proving that it is as popular on the catwalk as it is in the home. Choosing the right yarns,
stitches, and colours is vital to this process. This book will help you to gain confidence in all these areas.

An explanation of how the book is organized, the workshop architecture, how to read the charts, and where to find
specific information.

An at-a-glance visual index to the stitch collection, so you can compare and contrast the possibilities and choose the
stitch you want.PART ONE/ THE BASICS (12 pp)
Hooks, markers, calculator, and crochet chart
Yarn types and weights, traditional and non-traditional
Essential crochet skills
Different ways to hold the hook
Different ways to hold the yarn
Left-handed crochet
Working in rows
Working in the round
Techniques for maintaining the correct stitch count when working sts of different height
Reading charts: row by row, and in the round


Basic stitches:
Double crochet—front loop/back loop/front and back loop, alternate
Half treble
Double treble
Paired DC
Paired HTR
Crossed HTR
Crossed TR
Spider st
Up and down st
Pike waffle
Wide checkers
Htr V
Twin V
Three and two
Diagonal trip
Shallow DC
Linked HTR
Herringbone HTR
Herringbone TR
DC cluster
Aligned cobble

Fans and shells:
Close scallops
Open scallop
Thistle parquet
Little fans
Boxed shell
Crow’s foot lattice
Interlocking shell
Shell network
Picot fan
Block and offset shell
Diagonal shell
Shell and V
Catherine wheel
Fan and V
Triple Picot V
Offset V

Clusters, puffs and bobbles:
Aligned treble clusters
Alternate treble clusters
Pique st
Large clusters
Lace clusters
Raised Pineapple
Forked Clusters
Twin clusters
Raised forked clusters
Bead st
Boxed bead st
Bullion st
Alternate popcorns
Paired popcorns
Raised popcorns
Spot st
Global connection
Zig-zag lozenge
Mixed cluster
Pebble lace
Crown puff lattice
Aligned puff
Popcorn waffle
Blackberry salad
Zig-zag popcorn network
Simple Marguerite
5-star Marguerite

Spike stitches:
Basket st
Spiked boxes
Small daisy
Outline squares
Double crosses
Rake st
Birdsfoot spikes
Alternate spike
Interlocking block
Spiked squares

Relief stitches:
Front raised trebles
Back raised trebles
Raised treble ridges
Raised treble rib
Diagonal raised trebles
Raised ripple
Raised brick
Chain loop st
Relief squares crinkle st
Crossed ripple
Dots and diamonds
Relief arch
Woven shell
Compass point
Loop/fur st
Corded ridge
Tulip cable

Mesh, Filet, and Trellis:
Basic mesh
Firm mesh
Arch mesh
Picot arch
Triple picot V
Bar and lattice
Picot lattice
Ruled lattice
Doubled lattice
Ladder st
String net
Ridged string network
DC Picot string network
Zig-zag double string network
Fancy picot
Puff cluster trellis
Honeycomb trellis
Block trellis
Shell trellis
Crazy picot mesh
Filet squares
Offset filet net
Solomon’s knot

Crossed stitches:
Cable stitch
Open ridge
Diagonal spike
Zeros and crosses
Cabbage patch
Crossed treble crochet
Crossed lace loop
Crossbill st
Hot cross bun

Interlocking stitches:
Wedge st
Interlocking diamonds
Little pyramid
Inverted triangles
Flying shell
Sidesaddle shell
Connected spiral
Interlocking block

Waves and chevrons:
Wavy checkers
Wavy chevrons
Wide chevrons
Simple chevron
Crunchy chevron
Peephole chevron
Ridged chevron
Wave and chevron
Textured wave
Long wave
Little wave
Smooth wave

Tunisian crochet:
Simple st
Knit st
Little fan
Open cluster
Plough and cable

Explanation of how to finish work successfully and get a professional finish, including: weaving in ends, blocking,
joining seams, and washing instructions.




Discover new stitches and ways to work with crochet. For all levels, this book includes a fabulous directory of stitches and techniques. It is so easy to use. Clear step-by-step photos guide you all the way. A wonderful array of stitches to add a little oomph to your crochet projects. At a glance stitches at the front of the book are divided into stitch type. Getting Started takes you through everything you need to know from materials and tools to basic techniques. For each stitch, you will see a clear photograph, at least two step-by-step photos and a chart. There are too many stitches to single out, but I always love the waves and picots, the cross-over stitches and more. Lots to try out and beautifully presented.

Crochet Addict UK

May 2015

If you've never bought a crochet stitch book then this book is a fantastic place to start. Why not use the stitches to create your own projects. Crochet is so versatile you'll be amazed how quickly you'll be designing your own things. There are a lot of stitch books out there but this one is so different. It offers so many different types, designs, use of other materials that other books don't. I was really amazed by the diversity of the stitches. They are also explained in both written and chart format so either way you should be able to copy the designs. Different colours, techniques & items such as beads are used to demonstrate so many amazing styles. Some would be brilliant for afghans (blankets) and some would be even better for garments.

At the start of the book is all the information you will need to recreate the designs within the book. The instructions are clear and easy to understand. This really is a book you'll use for years to come. I often take my stitch books down whenever I feel like designing something. They give you so much inspiration. If you are new to crochet it's also a fantastic way to increase your skills. You can make a block of each and join them together to make a beautiful blanket (afghan).A fantastic addition to any library!

Knit Today

Jan 14

You might think you know crochet, but do you have 200 different stitches in your repertoire? We thought not! Sarah's latest book will get even the most experienced crocheters trying new things. Spikes, trellis, shells, Tunisian, chevrons, puffs, bobbles and nubbly patterns... The list goes on and on. The photographed step-by-steps and charts are crystal clear, and the swatches are printed actual size, so you'll see straight away if you're getting it right, or if things have gone awry along the way.

Knit Today

Nov 13

Ever fancied trying your hand at crochet? A trusty friend to have nearby, this guide not only provides essential information for crocheters, it's also there to teach you new stitches and inspire you to try different ways of working crochet. It's packed full of photographed swatches shown at actual size, which is handy when you're trying to recreate the ridges, shells, picots, chevrons, ripples, bobbles and so forth at home. There's also lots of advice on how to use the various stitches when making clothes, accessories and homewares, too.


Oct 13

Crochet has become so popular again and I can see great demand for this exciting new book of 200 stitches. This book is useful for all abilities. It shows the basics of crochet so that you can attempt and master any of the stitches. This is a wonderful directory of stitches for anyone interested in crochet. I like the layout of the book, just wish it laid flat for easier use. You can see clearly from the cover what you are getting, how-to close ups, great stitches in colour and charts. There isnt a stitch I dont like, favourites include Alternate, Spider, Sedge, Uneven Berry, Granule, anything involving scallops, shells, waves, chevrons, clusters, raised stitches, loops, lace or fans, Iris, Starburst and Solomons knot. Without doubt my favourite crochet stitch directory. Superb, colourful, easy to use. I am finally picking up my crochet hook.

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