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David Bellamy's Arabian Light - Exhibition at The Osborne Studio Gallery

18th May to 28th May 2022

David Bellamy's Arabian Light - Exhibition at The Osborne Studio Gallery

To launch his brand new book, David Bellamy's Arabian Light, an exhibition of the world-renowned artist and best-selling author's stunning artwork will be taking place at the Osborne Studio Gallery from 18th to 28th May.

Inspired by his travels in the Middle East, this collection of watercolours perfectly capture the diverse and majestic nature of this fascinating region, depicting the deserts of Egypt, the mountains and canyons of Oman, the antiquities of Jordan, and so much more. 

Exhibition Details

Location: Osborne Studio Gallery, 2 Motcomb Street, London, SW1X 8JU

Dates: 18th to 28th May 2022


Tel: +44 (0)20 7235 9667

Email: gallery@osg.uk.com

For more information and how to book your tickets, visit www.osg.uk.com    


 About the book

David Bellamy's Arabian Light 

David has always been drawn to the world's wild landscapes and inaccessible places, following on from the highly acclaimed Arctic Light, this book provides an intriguing and often entertaining insight into South Arabia and the Swahili Coast, Jordan, Lebanon and Oman. It describes the history, culture, customs and geography of the region and the daily life of its inhabitants, as viewed through the eyes of an artist and life-long adventurer. Filled with personal anecdotes and humour, David Bellamy’s unique account shines a light on the Middle East and highlights the incredible beauty and fascinating culture of this much-neglected region.

Watercolourists will be inspired by the author’s awe-inspiring ability to depict sweeping vistas and create a sense of space in his paintings, and to capture the very essence of a place through his art.

David Bellamy's Arabian Light is available to order from Search Press, RRP £25.00



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