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  • Publisher: C&T Publishing
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 01 January 2015
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781617450242
  • Stock: 16 in stock
  • Size: 203x254 mm
  • Illustrations: 0
  • Pages: 192
  • RRP Price: £22.99
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Step-by-Step Free-Motion Quilting


Turn 9 Simple Shapes into 80+ Distinctive Designs - Best-selling author of First Steps to Free-Motion Quilting by Christina Cameli

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Book Description

Improve your free-motion quilting as you sketch new designs one simple shape at a time.

Improve your free-motion quilting as you sketch new designsone simple shape at a time. Christina Cameli, best-selling author of First Steps to Free-Motion Quilting, returns with the perfect companion book to help you quilt unique patterns, using your home machine or longarm. A member of the Portland Modern Quilt Guild, Christina infuses her fresh aesthetic and passion for teaching quilters new skills into 80+ innovative free-motion designs. Working from a set of nine simple shapes, such as circles, wavy lines, and loops, she walks you through the basic elements via easy-to-doodle illustrations. Take the design power to your needle as you stitch Christina’s favorite continuous-line quilting patterns, ranging from straightforward to striking. If you can doodle, you can do it!

1. 80+ quilting designs from 9 simple-to-draw shapes.

2. Perfect for your domestic sewing machine or longarm.

3. Improve your free-motion skills, one shape at a time.

About the Author

About Christina Cameli

Christina Cameli is an enthusiastic quilting teacher and nurse-midwife. After being introduced to quilting by her grandmother, she learned free-motion quilting and over the next decade began teaching classes and writing books. She lives with her children in Portland, Oregon, and shares her adventures in patchwork and quilting at


Karen Platt

March 2015

If you have not mastered free-motion quilting, this is the ultimate book for you. Even if you are quite good at it, I am sure you will find some inspiring ideas here. 9 simple to draw shapes are turned into 80+ quilting designs. They can be worked on a longarm or on a domestic sewing machine. Great design and practical tips to develop your free-motion quilting. Each design is the size of book with clear illustrations and instructions.

Quilt Now

Issue 8

If our guide to free-motion quilting has piqued your interest this issue, then there's a whole world of books to continue your new love affair with finishing your own patchwork projects. This one is a new release from Stash Books and in it are pages and pages of designs to inspire your free-motion adventures. Christina Cameli covers the basics too - leading in with the ideas of travelling, echoing and foresight. It might seem strange to flight through a book and see what seems like a lot of scribbles, but when you start imagining them in quilted for, it's a useful little reference book to have to find a stitch design that matches your patchwork

Workshop On The Web

March 2015

There are a lot of books on free-motion quilting and the ones that C&T publish are consistently good. If you feel you have seen it all before, this book takes a slightly different approach and there are over 80 designs that spring from nine elements. These are combined and recombined to give endless possibilities. The elements are circle, curvy lines, loops, drops, spirals, leaves, s curves, arcs and grass. A brief description of each is given with diagrams and written instructions of how to

sew them. This is a good foundation for moving onto the more complex designs but before you get to those, there are some considerations that are mapped out for you, which look at the practical aspects of these free-motion motifs. Considered here are the way the stitches will work together across a length of fabric. These tips are useful for planning out what kind of pattern you would want to see emerge on your work. The designs themselves are well laid out. Again, you have useful diagrams to show the initial pattern, how to expand on it and what it will look like on a larger scale. The latter is shown on a full-sized page and this is particularly useful, especially when you are encouraged to photocopy these and doodle onto them to create a hands-on practice of a design. A lot of the ease of free-motion pattern stitching comes from being able to get into the flow of one

motif to another and this suggestion is of great benefit to the reader to get their brain working

before starting to sew. Its a great book for getting you to look beyond some of the more traditional stitches you might stick to and to think about how you can adapt these basic stitches to create something more personal.

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