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  • Publisher: C&T Publishing
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 03 October 2016
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781617451881
  • Stock: 10 in stock
  • Size: 216x280 mm
  • Illustrations: 370
  • Pages: 112
  • RRP: £25.99
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Simple Quilts, Complex Fabric by Paula Nadelstern

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Book Description

Imagine a traditional quilt, its ordinary shapes gift wrapped with intricate fabrics. Celebrated author, teacher, and fabric designer Paula Nadelstern shows you how to design simple but stunning quilts with the help of vivacious fabric prints. Analyse fabrics to uncover their piecing potential for colour and symmetry. Make your own cutting templates and learn how to get the "seemingly seamless" look made famous by Paula’s kaleidoscopic quilts. Example piecing diagrams show just how easy it is to quilt a visual spectacle.

About the Author

About Paula Nadelstern

Paula Nadelstern is an award-winning designer, teacher, and author whose unique work echoes the brilliant effects of a kaleidoscope. She designs textile prints exclusively for Benartex, Inc. and travels extensively, teaching her kaleidoscopic quiltmaking techniques. Paula lives in New York. www.paulanadelstern.com


Popular Patchwork

Jan 2017

The strapline 'discover the hidden potential of your stash' caught my eye as I am the owner of a large and ever increasing fabric collection! Many of my purchases languish in a drawer as I have no idea how i want to use them, so a book  that promises new ideas and inspiration was a must read. Paula's suggestion is to use them in a kaliedoscopic quilt, and if you like this technique, the book will open your eyes to the many possibilities of this amazing method. Paula has been exploring the notion of kaleidoscopic quilts for many years, and explauns how cutting and joining fabric pieces not only creates whole new blocks but how using colours and shapes in the fabrics can create unexpected and eye catching patterns and designs. The book starts with a gallery, and the quilts are truly spectacular. They are displayed against black pages which I found gave them a dramatic setting, but it was a little hard on the eye. However, don't let this put you off as the book is truly a voyage of colour and creativity. The chapter on design features detailed explanations of Paula's design process and techniques which is very clever and clearly explained. I found the explanation of how to use stripes, circles, batils, ombres and other patterns to design a kaliedoscopic block really fascinating.  There are no projects to complete as such but a wealth of information about how to draft patterns, draw templates and use the kaleidoscopic methods. This book provides a great insight into this method of quilt making.

Workshop on the Web

Dec 2016

Paula Nadelstern's book is full of colourful, kaleidoscopic quilts. They look incredibly complex but come from the author’s realisation that the complex quilts she had previously made could be simplified in structure, still retaining the detail and illusion of complexity through clever fabric choices.

Unusually, you start the book with the Gallery. Each quilt is described, a diagram provided of how it is constructed plus any notable detailing or story behind it. Fabrics used before they were cut are shown and compared to the pieces that are used in the finished quilt. They are all breathtaking in their patterns and colours.

Following the Gallery is a section on Design Matters where you learn more about the method of fabric cutting. This is illuminating and you can see how the author’s use of clear templates allows her to find the pattern within a larger piece of fabric and piece it all together to create a  kaleidoscope. This is a new take on creating a new pattern repeat and the results are fantastic.There are further instructions on piecing techniques, how to cut fabric and work with angles (the author works with traditional patchwork blocks).

This book is great if you have a collection of ‘busy’ fabrics and want to give them a new lease of life. Finding a new pattern beyond what exists in your stash could be an addictive pastime.


Stunning! What an incredible book. At first glance you might think, too complicated but look again - this book uses simple piecing to produce unbelievably complex-looking quilts. It's all about fabric choices and unlocking the potential in those fabrics to create magical quilts. Understand symmetry and create dynamic combinations that fool the eye. Self-drafted templates help you to fussy cut. This amazing book includes a jaw-dropping quilt gallery and a design section. It is then split into Design Strategies, Fabric, Piecing, Tools and Templates. This book is all about the fabric and Paula designs her own. It's about cutting the fabric and fitting a design around it. You'll learn how to use templates, how to mark and cut fabric, how to make seams look seamless and so much more but this is not really a step-by-step to making the quilts. I have not seen anything else quite like this book and I love it.

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