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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BB Hardback
  • Publication: 01 May 2015
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782210399
  • Stock: 50+
  • Size: 216x280 mm
  • Illustrations: 0
  • Pages: 176
  • RRP: £19.99
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Jean Haines' World of Watercolour


by Jean Haines

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Book Description

Step into Jean Haines’ distinctive, exciting world of watercolour with this, the ultimate guide to her influences, style and work. Jean's loose, expressive paintings are filled with colour and personality, embracing a range of subjects that includes flowers, animals, people and places, all influenced by the countries and cities she's lived in and the people she's met during her life. This beautiful book contains easy-to-follow and inspiring introductory sections such as ‘an artist’s treasure chest’ and ‘the colour gym’, offering practical guidance and in-depth exercises in an innovative and accessible way, and the numerous examples of Jean’s work will inspire and encourage novice as well as experienced artists. After this introductory section, the book shows the reader how to put the skills they've learned into practice with gorgeous step-by-step projects packed full of expert tips and advice, encouraging them to move forward and develop their own style of working. Like her painting, Jean's writing is filled with passion and enthusiasm, transporting the reader through a world of watercolour that will not fail to excite and inspire.

Step into Jean’s world: learn about her influences and how she discovered her distinctive, expressive style
Flex your colour and technique muscles in Jean’s ‘colour gym’, using the clear step-by-step exercises to build up your skills and confidence
The gorgeous step-by-step projects are packed with top tips and advice, and will help you to create stunning artworks of your own
Contains a wealth of examples of Jean’s work to excite and inspire you

About the Author

About Jean Haines

Prize-winning and inspirational watercolourist Jean Haines is well-known for her love of her chosen medium and the ability to instil enthusiasm and motivation in all around her. Having lived and travelled in many countries, this popular international artist and teacher has developed her skills while under the influence of masters from many countries, including Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Jean runs hugely popular international watercolour workshops for artists from around the globe, and her highly sought-after paintings can similarly be found in homes all over the world. Jean is a member of the SWA, Society for Women Artists, and has won numerous awards for her work, including the Anthony J Lester Award during the SWA Annual Exhibition, and the SAA Professional Artist of the Year, Experimental and Abstract Award. She regularly writes for art magazines and exhibits in a number of galleries.

Jean lives in Hampshire, UK. For more information, visit www.jeanhaines.com. 



Artist, The

August 2015

A book that relies totally on the author's name for a hint of the content is either brave or supremely sure of itself. In this case Jean Haines is so well known for her loose atmospheric watercolours that the risk is worth it. This is a book that knows exactly what it's about by an artist who is an absolute master of her medium and technique. Jean explores every corner of water and of colour. She uses the very loosest of washes, rarely depicts detail, instead suggesting it subtly and confidently. The viewer is led towards, what they should see rather than merely shown it. If you love loose, impressionistic watercolour this is an absolute treat.

Leisure Painter, The

Summer 2015

Following the success of her previous book, Atmospheric Watercolours, Jean Haines second book brings us her world of watercolour. In the introduction Jean describes how she wants the book to read as an adventure 'an incredible exploration of the world of watercolour'. Rather than simply showing you how to paint in watercolour step by step (which of course she does do) she intednds to motiv ate a reaction in you to look around you and capture that response in the medium of watercolour. Opening chapters deal with materials - with some demonstrations along the way, before moving on to colour and texture, building your confidence then putting it all together to create more complex work. Detailed step by step demonstrations follow, including painting a cat, portraits, landscapes and cityscapes. There are plenty of tips and motivational exercises to keep you inspired on your journey


July 2015

Having got all 3 of Jean's books and reviewed Atmospheric Watercolours I took a different approach with this one, savouring it (I tried to savour the others too but excitement made me gulp them down as quickly as possible, not always the best way though they are books to revisit time and time again!!) taking my time and enjoying every word, paragraph and chapter. It isn't easy to paint in a loose way and even harder to teach it and once again Jean does a truly fabulous job of bringing her style of painting to the masses!! The illustrations are simply beautiful, full of life and colour and in fact this book concentrates very much on colour describing Jean's own perspective and view of how we should be excited and inspired by all the colours available in today's market. Music to my ears as I also love colour so am obviously in very good company!! To see this review and blog in full visit... http://judithfarnworthart.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/book-review-of-jean-haines-world-of.html

Craft Business

May 2015

In this beautiful inspiring book, Jean Haines takes you on an exciting journey through her world of water-colour painting. She provides practical advice and guidance for artists of all abilities using clearly written text, step-by-step studies and numerous examples of her work, all delivered with the same passion and her enthusiasm that characterise her painting and her life.


May 2015

Well, this one has a brave title! It takes the gamble that you known who Jean Haines is, as there's no other clue to the content,. But then, you probably do. Jean has established a reputation in the last few years as one of the most charismatic exponents of loose watercolour. Her ability to convey not just the look but the feel of a subject with just a few washes and well chosen colours has gained her many fans. And, in truth, this isn't a book you can pin down in any other way. This isn't exactly a how-to manual, although there are plenty of exercises, demonstrations, hints and tips, but more of a guide to what waterclour can do if you give its head. It's quite a wild ride a lot of the time, but also an exhilarating one. This is one of those books which is hard to describe as it's really something you have to experience yourself. However, if you're a fan of Jean's work, or you like the idea of loose watercolours and want to explore further with a little guidance, this is one for you. There's a sense of dynamism, presence and movement throughout that's a bit like walking on a tightrope. As long as you don't think too hard or look down it will be OK. Jean manages it with aplomb and she'll help you get there too.


Issue 111

Jean Haines is most at home with natural subjects - animals, birds, flowers and plants, though people, landscapes and buildings find their way into her work as well. The word 'atmospheric' could have been coined for her style of painting, which is less representational than impressionistic. Jean has one of the loosest styles around and she's not one for minute detail, so the viewer has to be guided to what they're seeing, rather than shown. It's something that comes with confidence and she is excellent at showing you how she works and how you can achieve the same effects. By just hinting at forms and shapes, Jean brings an incredible sense of presence and movement to her paintings - those people are too busy going about their daily business to stop and be painted, that kingfisher is going to fly off that branch in a flash any second. It's a tour de force of the properties of colour and water combined and an amazing and captivating ride all the way.


May 2015

Jean Haines luminous, light infused watercolors are a looser, freer style of painting influenced by Chinese brushwork. Try your hand at this style with this accessible book on watercolor painting. The first part of the book charts her change from botanical art to landscapes and beyond, and her views on choosing colors and other art materials. This book does not merely tell you what you ought to buy but explains why the artist uses these things and how she does it, making it a very personal look at watercolor painting. Then follow lessons on brushwork taught through a variety of short paintings and a watercolor workout, a color gym with warm up exercises and more to get you into the mood. These are described in this way to show how to paint in this style, with lots of washes and loose, dreamy textures and images. What then follows is not just a section of isolated projects but an in-depth look at how Ms Haines approaches each one, complete with steps so you can have a go too. It is certainly an innovative way of working, often using unconventional items like string and plastic to get the right look. Each project however small is packed with useful tips, and anybody having a try is sure to start looking at watercolors in a whole new way. This is a very personal and innovative look at painting which manages to not only convey how the artist does it but teach it as well.

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