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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BB Hardback with jacket
  • Publication: 24 January 2022
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782219590
  • Stock: 50+
  • Size: 216x280 mm
  • Illustrations: 400
  • Pages: 160
  • RRP: £19.99
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Atmospheric Animals in Watercolour


Painting with spirit & vitality by Jean Haines

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Book Description

From domestic cats and dogs to wild lions and giraffes, best-selling artist and author Jean Haines shows the reader how to bring a vitality of life to their animal artwork.

Known for the vibrant colours and exciting, innovative painting techniques that she brings to her work, Jean's latest book invites beginners and more experienced artists alike to share a journey through painting animals from around the world.

Painting animals requires a delicacy of touch. Jean starts with simple monochrome artworks and progresses on to more vivid paintings that incorporate exciting textural effects. Using lessons from nature to help bring the reader closer to the animals, Jean shows how to portray the animal's spirit and bring vitality to the reader's artwork.

Suitable for all abilities, from first-time painters to experienced artists, Jean shares all the materials and unique techniques she uses, and provides a wealth of expert tips and advice inspired by the animals themselves, helping the reader to progress and find their own path.

Scattered throughout the book are dozens of Jean’s wonderful paintings, showcasing a veritable Noah's Ark of different animals to inspire the reader on their artistic journey. 

Table of Contents

Author’s welcome 6, Introduction 8, Igniting the passion 10, The bear necessities 14, Getting started: Simple studies 30, Step-by-step Elephant in monochrome 34, Learning from animals 38, Step-by-step Hedgehog 44, Inspiration from nature 48, For the love of dogs 52, Step-by-step Italian Spinone: Humphrey 64, Feline fine 68, Step-by-step Socks 74, A walk on the wild side 80, Down under 94, Step-by-step Sleepy Koala 96, Under the sea 106, Step-by-step Starfish 108, Step-by-step Octopus 116, A mammoth task 122, Seeing double 132, Be unique: sheep 138, Bugs and butterflies 144, Creative art 152, Magical interpretations 158, Index 160

About the Author

About Jean Haines

Prize-winning and inspirational watercolourist Jean Haines is well-known for her love of her chosen medium and the ability to instil enthusiasm and motivation in all around her. Having lived and travelled in many countries, this popular international artist and teacher has developed her skills while under the influence of masters from many countries, including Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Jean runs hugely popular international watercolour workshops for artists from around the globe, and her highly sought-after paintings can similarly be found in homes all over the world. Jean is a member of the SWA, Society for Women Artists, and has won numerous awards for her work, including the Anthony J Lester Award during the SWA Annual Exhibition, and the SAA Professional Artist of the Year, Experimental and Abstract Award. She regularly writes for art magazines and exhibits in a number of galleries.

Jean lives in Hampshire, UK. For more information, visit www.jeanhaines.com. 



SAA Catalogue

This beautiful book gives you the tools to create paintings that capture the inner essence of their subject - the soul of the animal, if you will. Jean uses a variety of techniques to achieve this, as well as often using an unconventional mix of colours - your first instinct on painting an elephant probably isn't to teach for the greens. This is as much a book about understanding your subject as it is about representing it, and it's all the better for that.

Leisure Painter

Prize-winning watercolourist, Jean Haines runs international watercolour workshops for artists around the world. Her vibrant and innovative work can be found in her previous books, Atmospheric Flowers in Watercolour and Paint Yourself Calm. Here she turns her attention to animals. From simple monochromatic studies to vivid paintings full of colour and textural effects, Jean shows you how to being vitality to all animals, whether they are domestic, such as dogs and cats, or found in the wild - from giraffes to bugs and butterflies.

The Artist

I suspect that this is a book you're either going to love or hate. Past sales, however, would suggest that Jean has many fans who'll make a beeline for anything she writes, and this is unlikely to disappoint them. The production is top class and the book feels sumptuous in the hand, promising treats to come.

These come as animal paintings that are full of essence and character, but light on form. Jean's work seems to coalesce from the page, rather than sit on it as a static image. As a result, these creatures - from cats and dogs to koalas, elephants and even an octopus - have life and spirit, while much of their form is left to the imagination.

Technically, much of the book is about experimentation, with washes, textures, granulation and colour (one of those elephants is in shades of green), resulting in a tribute to watercolour's range of possibilities.


Im an enormous fan of Jeans work and, if her sales are anything to go by, you probably are too. Ive always been impressed by the way her subjects seem to emerge organically from the paper as if propelled by their own life force.

The subtitle of this new volume is painting with spirit & vitality and it seems to me that this sums that ethos up perfectly. These are not animal portraits in the conventional sense, but rather the life and soul of those creatures. Jean has written books about mind and spirituality expressed through painting and that theme continues here. If youre worried that its all a bit New Age, dont be. This is firmly a book about painting animals that just happens to sidestep simple representation. A short section on Animal Meanings explains this clearly and a lot of the book is about getting to know your subject just as if it were human. If you have pets, you do that anyway, dont you?

Technically, theres a lot about colour and washes Jean works about as loosely as you can and that includes how to retain shape and form so that your results are anything but pure abstract. Some of these are startling: a cat whose face is the only delineated part, an elephant done in shades of green, fish that move in their pond because superseded form creates sinuousness.

Whats really remarkable is that you have to look twice to notice all this because the book absolutely lives up to that subtitle. These are real animals. Not just paintings of animals its a heck of a trick to pull off.

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