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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 09 February 2016
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782214137
  • Stock: Temporarily Out of Stock
  • Hurt Stock: £4.50 (2 available)
  • Size: 222x222 mm
  • Illustrations: 0
  • Pages: 80
  • RRP: £8.99
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Tangle Bay


An enchanting colouring book with hidden treasure by Jessica Palmer

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Book Description

Illustrator and papercutter, Jessica Palmer, has created 75 pages of enchanting hand-drawn pictures for you to colour and lose yourself in. The images all have a magical maritime theme, and each one includes a hidden treasure intricately worked into the design for you to discover and colour in. The book includes designs that fit on a single page as well as those that extend across a double-page spread. Some of the designs fill the entire page and others sit within it. Others have space left for you to extend the design yourself to create something unique. High quality paper means that there is no show-through, so no need to fear ruining your next piece with stray ink!

Lose yourself in beautiful, intricate artwork of a fantastical, sea swept kingdom!

  • Beautiful, intricate artwork to lose yourself in
  • Evokes a magical world for therapeutic colouring
  • High quality paper with no show-through
About the Author

About Jessica Palmer

Jessica Palmer is a UK-based artist and illustrator whose work spans collage, paper sculpture, paper cutting, digital drawing and painting. Her clients include Disney Pixar, English Heritage, the National Trust and Skira Rizzoli. She makes pieces for private commission as well as for installations and exhibitions internationally. For more about Jessica's work please go to her website www.jessicapalmerart.com.


Volwassenen Kleuren Ook

The book looks nice. Various designs, from the fine work untill the coarser work. Im very curious about the paper in this book. I havent coloured a book from this publisher. I coloured my first design with Caran dAche Pablo and used softpastel from Koh-I-Noor also. The pencils colour really great on this paper. That has a lot to do with the softness of the pencils themselves, but they work really well. The softpastel also works well on this paper. It attaches nicely and can be adapted just fine. I think this design came out great. Conclusion : Very nice book containing nice designs. Very suited for using pencils and pastels.  The book contains difficult, detailed designs but also more easy ones. Something for everyone. Another nice book to add to your collection.

Full review including coloured images: http://volwassenenkleurenook.nl/?p=10625

Crochet Addict UK

I love Jessica's books. They are such fun and great to colour. Jessica wants you to interact so you can post your finished pictures on Facebook and join in the fun. My son loves them as there are pictures to spot within the book. He lloved finding the treasures in this book. The pictures are all fun and are very good for both sexes. She creates pictures that provide movement, interest and fun. I love the fact that Jessica doesn't fill the page as I feel the blank space is just as important as the parts you colour. The thing I really like about Jessica's designs are the fact they are beautiful, interesting and fun. If you love to colour then you really
will love this book!

Hazel Smithies

All the fun of the seaside - with a twist. In the whimsical world of Tangle Bay; donkeys recline on deckchairs, puffins surf, fish ride bicycles and queen Elizabeth the first is a mermaid.  The book itself is smaller than most, but it's a little gem. The outside cover is soft but not just a paperback cover. The paper is beautiful quality (I used waterbrush and it hardly buckled) and the binding is stitched to cloth which means you can lie the pages very flat to colour into the seam easily. I wish all double-sided colouring books were bound like this. The pictures are beautiful but most are not overly detailed; making it great for a beginner, or if you want to colour something simpler and quicker. There are mermaid, lighthouses, fish, seagulls, crabs, donkeys, ice creams, parasols to colour. Some are two page spreads, some single, some more detailed, others simple. There are also some "frames" where you can draw or stamp your own image. In all, I love this little book

Helen Maffin

The book has a lovely feel and the paper is good thick stock which means you can most likely colour both sides with no bleed through although I maybe wouldn't trust sharpies on it.

The images are greatly varied from small detailed objects to large scenes, all with a nautical theme, and give a nice variety of size of area to colour for those who like tiny patterned detail right up to large areas of solid colour for the expressive colourist. And thankfully not a flower in sight as far as I can tell so far. Too many colouring books use flowers and leaves!

The pictures are very whimsical and really do make you smile

Kerry Clifton

This book is full of beautifuly illistrated and interesting characters to colour as well as hidden treasures to find. Whilst I am looking for the treasures I am also finding lots of other interesting things going on in the pages. My favourite page is the horses in the back of the book.

Leanne Cane

Another beautiful colouring book from Jessica Palmer! I loved her first one, Tangle Wood, and couldn't wait to get my hands on this - and it's as good as I'd hoped. She has a wonderful illustration style which has been printed well, the pages are high quality and thick meaning you could use markers or pens as well as pencils (though I prefer pencils myself), and the cover is as beautiful as the pages inside. Looking forward to many enjoyable mindfulness colouring sessions.

Cult Pens

/_uploads/Image Reviews/cultpens_2016-Feb-12.jpg

Rachel Hyde - Myshelf.com

First there was Tangle Wood (also reviewed on this site) and now here is the sequel, Tangle Bay. Instead of bosky woods and sylvan wildlife here is all the fun of a traditional British seaside vacation.

This book matches its companion in shape and size, with a square shape and slightly shiny cover you can color in. Unlike the first one, the paper is a bright white and a little thicker, which makes it suitable for water based pens if you dont press too hard or linger too long in one place. The paper surface is very smooth, which is great for pens, but not so good if you are looking for a tooth for using pencils. Gone is the unusual waxy slightly 3D look of the drawing in Tangle Wood, which was also gray and very detailed. This book has crisp black lines and a little less detail in some drawings. You do need good eyesight and coordination to color in the pictures, but all the lines are very visible. The content includes pages of undersea life with shells, dolphins, tropical fish and waving weed, plus fantasy subjects such as mermaids, galleons and treasure chests. There are lots of gulls and seaside scenes, such as beach huts, Punch and Judy, donkeys hilariously sitting in deckchairs, Brighton Pavilion and even the Owl and the Pussycat. Pictures vary from the type covering the whole page to frames to draw something of your own inside. At the front there is a this book belongs to page to write your name in. Some pictures do vanish into the spine, but on the back cover there is a message that you can bend and flatten the book as you require as it has a strong spine and, when tested this seems to work well; it is described as flexibound. This is another book too with hidden treasure and at the front is a page showing all the items you can find if you look - a coloring book hidden object game! This is a beautiful and imaginative book that is sure to give colorists many happy hours.

/_uploads/Image Reviews/BristolMagazine.jpg

Dale Dow

Tangle Bay has to be one of my favourite colouring books! As a therapeutic hobby of mine, I had to try it. The beauty of this book, is the fact that the designs have so much detail in them that one picture takes you longer than the average, meaning you can work on your ""masterpiece"" for days, leaving so little room for rushing the picture. The Pages are slightly thicker than average colouring books today which can help you colour in whatever your preferred medium is, in my case pens (which in other books seem to leak to the other page). A fantastic book giving weeks worth of hobby time!

Georgie Ryan

This beautiful colouring book brings back many childhood memories of playing on the beach; it is filled with quintessential images of the seaside, typically those found on the UK shores: seashells, waves, sandy shores, even a punch and judy show. Magic and mystery is brought in the form of mermaids, pirate ships, and of course, the hidden treasure, which is available for you to hunt and find on every page. The book itself has the perfect balance of intricate designs mixed with those that are less so, allowing you to find a design to colour for your every mood or even ability, if you are only just discovering the colouring trend! Similarly, most of the pages are standalone with one or two of the designs being double spread. There are even a few pages where there are blank spaces so that you can draw rather than colour and add your own designs to the page. The paper is of good quality and is a clean, crisp white it accepts both pencils and pens equally well, with no bleed through on most well-known fineliners (unless you are going over the same area continuously or pressing rather heavily). Permanent markers, such as sharpie markers are an obvious no-no as the pages are double sided in design and these would bleed through (I haven't tried it, as common sense tells me not to attempt it!)

Kim Stubbs

Tangle Bay is second in the Tangle series by Jessica Palmer. I was excited to hear there would be another after Tangle wood as the illustrations were simply beautiful. Jessica Palmer has a very distinct style that completely differ to other illustrator it's easy to see why she's in demand. The crisp design stands out against the bright white paper. It's square and a decent size that makes it perfect for travel or staying at home. I've tried my Stabilo fine liners and pens with this book and haven't had any bleed through.  Overall It's a beautiful book takes you on adventure by the seaside bringing back memory of trips as a child. It also takes you under the sea to visit all the different creatures mystical and real. It's perfect for a get away without all the planning. I can't wait for her third book which I believe has a magical tangle to it.

Lisa Boyes

 Just looking at it reminds me of being a child on holiday at the coast. There a good range of pictures that are nicely drawing with the right amount of detail to suit beginners and people that are more skilled with colouring. The book is hard backed with good quality paper and pencils lay down easily and nicely. I haven't tried pens as I prefer to use pencils in books that are double sided. I can't wait until summer when I can sit in the garden with this book

Nicola Leivers

I like the variety of pictures and styles in this book. Some pictures are too detailed for felt pens and need a little more detail with pencil but it is nice to be able to use both. Paper is of top quality and not like some of the colouring books I've tried so you can colour both sides of the page with felt pen without bleeding! Overall a lovely colouring book

Penny-sue Wolfe

Enter the magical world of Tangle bay. Wonderful colouring book, hardback with quality paper ideal for pencils or felt tips. A fantastic array of designs in the nautical themes with some hidden gems (I won't give them away). Hours of theraputic colouring for young and old alike. Beautiful!

Vicki Wilson

This really is a super colouring book. Beautiful, whimsical sea life illustrations that will keep you occupied for hours. Lots of content, with some elaborately illustrated pages, balanced out with some open spaced pages to provide you with the opportunity to add your own creative flair. I think this is a fantastic idea, as I do enjoy drawing as well as colouring! There is also a lovely additional feature of 'buried treasure' to find amongst the pages, great for the younger book users and adults alike. The quality of the book is great, using high grade paper so that use of felt tips don't bleed into the opposite side. The spine of the book is pretty strong too, so bending and flattening the book is not an issue. Very impressed overall and recommend to colouring fans!

Tracy Shepard

Tangle Bay is delightful.

It is filled with fantasy like pictures to color and be as creative as you can be, and your only limitation is your imagination. Jessica Palmer has filled the pages with mermaids, shells, fish and everything ocean related. Adult coloring has taken off by storm in the past year, and I find that the stillness and quiet found doing something so childish is a benefit to my wellbeing and relaxation.  I love all craft related projects and was keen to give this a go. The pictures are amazing and Jessica, who has an MA in illustration has created scenes that enchant and amuse.  Even the cover can be colored in. I loved this book, and the best thing about adult coloring in is that there is no one to get cross with you if you go over the lines.



Colour with Claire

After the huge success of Jessica's first colouring book, Tangle Wood, comes the equally beautiful sequel Tangle Bay. From the mysterious depths of the dark forest, we turn now to the sun-bleached plains of the seaside and the story continues. You'll find a mixture of on-shore and underwater scenes in this book, featuring all the coastal favourites like seagulls and puffins; maritime and nautical icons such as anchors and lighthouses; and of course plenty of oceanic creatures- both mythical and real- like mermaids and dolphins.

There are some double-page spreads but mostly you'll find standalone scenes on each page. Tangle Bay encapsulates everything you'd expect from a sea-themed book, particularly of UK beaches (Punch and Judy shows, beach huts, sandcastles, deckchairs, etc.) and has a very nostalgic feel, even amongst the epic ships and fantasy scenes below the waves.

Like in Tangle Wood, this book has hidden treasure nestled in every page for you to find. 
The paper is surprisingly very different to the first book- now a bright white instead of the vintage cream we had before. Whilst I liked the unusual grey haze on Tangle Wood's illustrations, I must admit the new white stock makes the images far crisper with cleaner lines. The paper is still thick but it's now much smoother compared to the heavy tooth of the previous book. Waterbased pens still do not bleed through unless pressed very hard, which is the main thing with double-sided books. 
Overall it's another winner from Ms. Palmer and the team at Search Press; a well-made, quality follow up and hopefully one in a long line of this series :)
-See the full review and images at: http://www.colourwithclaire.com/blog/tangle-bay-by-jessica-palmer#sthash.tr9VtomS.dpuf

Lucy Fyles - Colouring in the Midst of the Madness

This book is truly beautiful and the images are charming. I hope youll get some of the atmosphere through the images attached at the bottom but truly you need to see this book to realise just how wonderful it is. If you like colouring nature images that are highly detailed then youll just love this book. In Jessicas first book you were taken on a journey through a wood, Tangle Bay doesnt take you on a journey but instead Jessica wanted to create a sense of place and shes done this beautifully and you really are transported to the beach of your childhood, your imagination, and of story books. So many aspects of the beach and the seaside are included from realistic scenes of puffins sitting on rocks and seagulls swooping, to storybook ships, mermaids and anthropomorphised animals like ducks wearing hats and donkeys dressed up having a day out at the beach on deck chairs! This book contains a mixture of styles and the majority of the images are less intricate and detailed than those in Tangle Wood (more info on this further down). This book contains such a wealth of images that its hard to describe them all. Jessica described it as being livelier than Tangle Wood and I definitely agree, theres a lot more movement in the pages and more chaos, whimsy and fun. Shes added sprinkles of humour and you get hit by waves of nostalgia as you come across the image of the owl and the pussycat in their beautiful pea green boat, the Punch and Judy show, melting ice creams, deck chairs, parasols, postcards, sandcastles and flock upon flock of seagulls! This book flits between scenes of mermaids relaxing under the sea, penguins piloting an airship, day and night scenes of lighthouses, treasure troves just waiting to be made shiny and sparkly, and hordes of sea creatures from seahorses to whales, fish to crabs, dolphins to lobsters, jellyfish to seals and so much more! Scenes of typically British days at the beach are pictured including beach huts and even Brighton Pavilion (a huge plus for me as I live under 30 minutes away from it) and also underwater scenes from much further afield including coral reefs and exotic tropical fish. Hidden within the images are bits of treasure for you to hunt down and colour in and this treasure hunt aspect adds a real sense of adventure and fun to the book. Tangle Bay sparks your imagination and creates a wonderful world of escapism. Some of the images are highly detailed and intricate and many encompass typical zentangle patterns. Some of the images have large sections around or within them that have been left blank so that you can add your own details and backgrounds. These are less obvious than in Tangle Wood so the pictures wont look at all unfinished if you choose not to add anything but the spaces are there if you want them. There are also some beautiful frames of shells, fossils, seaweed, and more, that are circular, square and even heart-shaped that you could either leave as they are or add to if your drawing skills are honed!

To see the full review and images: https://colouringinthemidstofmadness.wordpress.com/2016/02/10/tangle-bay-an-enchanting-colouring-book-with-hidden-treasure-a-review/

Adult Coloring Worldwide

Enter the calming and beautiful, magical world of Illustrator and papercutter, Jessica Palmer.

Jessica has created 75 pages of enchanting hand-drawn pictures for you to color and lose yourself in. The images all have a magical maritime theme, and each one includes a ‘hidden jewel’, intricately worked into the design. Rings, brooches, pendants, chains, bracelets and earrings featuring insects, animals and leafy patterns. The book includes designs that fit on a single page as well as those that extend across a double-page spread and there are even those that have space left for the reader to extend the design themselves.

A stunning book with the lay flat, unbreakable ‘flexi’ binding and high quality paper. Unleash your creativity and calm the soul.

Read more:


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