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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 23 March 2017
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782215394
  • Stock: Temporarily Out of Stock
  • Size: 210x277 mm
  • Illustrations: 0
  • Pages: 176
  • RRP: £14.99
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Field Guide to Knitted Birds


Over 40 handmade projects to liven up your roost by Arne & Carlos

Out of Stock
Book Description

Let Arne & Carlos guide you on a journey into the colourful and imaginative bird kingdom! Inspired by nature both at home and abroad, from their garden in Tonsåsen comes the characteristic bullfinch, chickadee and wagtail, to name a few but the fun doesn't stop there. Knit cold weather birds with Norwegian traditional patterns, and keep them warm with bird-sized wool caps and scarves make brilliant birds-of-paradise decorated with embroidery, sequins, and feathers or spread your wings a little further with birds featuring vintage Mexican embroidery motifs. These delightful birds can be used as decorations year-round, but they may tend to migrate towards the Christmas tree when the time approaches. With clear instructions, helpful diagrams and full-colour photographs, it’s time for every knitter’s imagination to take flight.

Extra Information

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About the Author

About Arne & Carlos

Arne Nerjordet and Carlos Zachrison, Norwegian and Swedish respectively, established their design company ARNE & CARLOS in 2002. Drawing on traditional Scandinavian influences and the natural environment, they create original and striking knitwear, and work with such prestigious fashion designers as Comme des Garçons. Arne and Carlos’s creative base is their eclectic farm in Norway, where they absorb the rich tradition of Scandinavian arts and crafts while exploring their own knitwear inspirations. Visit their website www.arnecarlos.com


Lets Knit

If you are a fan of our feathered friends, you need to get your hands on a copy of Knitted Birds. Created by LK favourite Nicky Fijalkowska, this book contains patterns and instructions for over 20 types of birds, along with information on the materials, tools and techniques required to let your projects take flight. The sky really is the limit with this inspirational read!

Top Crochet

/_uploads/Image Reviews/TopCrochetAC.jpg


Those knitting maestros are at it again, this time with birds.  Knit yourself an aviary of fun, colorful feathered friends from all over the world and use them to decorate your home year round, or adorn your Christmas tree.


You can expect a more beautiful than average book when you buy an Arne and Carlos one.  This is no exception, with not only lots of gorgeous birds but also shots of the duos home and stash of wonderful, inspiring objects.  For an unusual twist flip open the first two pages and see thumbnail (actually larger than that) images of all the birds making it easy to select one.  Do the same with the final two pages and see a basic blank chart and written instructions so you can design your own bird, or make anything in the book.  There is more about this in the first chapter where you can discover how to make up the basic bird and what materials you need to buy.  You wont have to try and source Scandinavian yarns either as the birds can be made up using a variety of different ones.  This is not a book for beginners and you need to be able to read charts but as long as you know how to knit these small projects wont be too taxing.  There are many different patterns in here from birds based on the authors complete with wire glasses to birds with embroidery inspired by traditional Mexican patterns or Scandinavian sweaters, European garden birds and exotic birds of paradise.  Some birds look extra festive as they are adorned with real feathers, beads and sequins while others sport hats or have their patterns incorporated into them as they are knitted.  This is an excellent way of decorating your home in an attractive and unusual way and using up lots of oddments of yarn.  Beautiful and a lot of fun.

The Knitter

Issue 111

Design duo Arne and Carlos are known for their playful approach to knitting, creating decorative, whimsical patterns for the home. For their latest project, they have turned their attention to birds, and their book contains more than 40 designs. These include species found in their garden in Norway - the robin, blue tit, wagtail, bunting and bullfinch, among others. More exotic birds of paradise are included, adorned with feathers and sequins to present their gorgeous plumage. Arne & Carlos then indulge their love of colourwork with a chapter of more fanciful birds, decorated with traditional Norwegian patterns and Mexican-inspired embroidery. A basic bird pattern is provided, which can be adapted in many different ways. This is also provided as a handy fold-out at the back of the book, so you can refer to it while following the specific charts for the bird you're making. Instructions are given on how to display your birds.


A book to make anyone smile, knitter or not. These imaginative little birds are fun to look at and knit. Inspired by real-life birds, but these birds are not replicas of the real thing and are not attempting to be, they are flights of imagination and fantasy. The birds are embellished, some with Norwegian and Mexican motifs, some are embroidered, others are decorated with 'feathers' and sequins. They have even invented a stand with legs, twig branches or a curiosity cabinet to show your birds off. I defy anyone to choose just one favourite, they are all so adorable, you will want to knit them again and again and again. Introduce new yarns, colours and keep on knitting. You'll feel chirpy in no time. Clear instructions, diagrams and great photography from the duo with so much creative imagination.

Customer Review

If you love birds and love knitting, you'll love this book, it really is delightful and inspirational.
Packed full of the loveliest, cutest knitted and embellished bird projects I've ever seen - once I'd shown this book to my children and grandchildren, they were all putting in their orders for their favourites - woodpeckers, bullfinches,wagtails , birds of paradise and many more, all beautifuly embellished and embroidered with sequins and feathers, little hats and jumpers etc
There are lovely pictures, clearly written instructions and charts for each project suitable for Intermediate and Advanced knitters to get on with straightaway - but beginners could start making the actual birds using plain or self -striping wool until they get used to the more complicated traditional Norwegian style patterns.
Projects includea bird tea cosy, and mobiles as well as the freestanding decoarative birds - instructions on making wire stands are included too.
Once you have mastered the basic techniques it would be easy to experiement with different coloured wools and embellishments to make variations on the birds included in the book.
I can't wait to get started.

Customer Review

Oh what a joy! I was delighted to win this book from Search Press in return for a review. Well it is my pleasure to review. It is a gem - so beautifully illustrated and the pattern instructions are so easy to follow - would appeal equally to experienced knitters and novices alike. I spent the first few days just browsing the book and getting super excited as to which little bird I would choose to knit first. The instructions even cover hats, decorations and even stands to display the finished birds. This book would make a wonderful present especially as it allows you to use leftover oddments of wool and is forever giving as you could knit the birds over and over in different colours. An absolute treasure trove. I can't wait to see what Arne and Carlos come up with next. This is the best book I have rceived for a long long time - love it

Customer Review

Birds and knitting. But not birds knitting, sadly.

The photography alone within the pages of this endearing book is more than enough to draw in the reader. Details formed with sequins, feathers, and beads provide sparkle, movement, and shine to the huge number of birds that Arne and Carlos have imagined and realised in yarn form.

Having not used double-pointed needles before trying one of these birds, I made a couple of attempts to figure out how to knit properly with them. Once I had, though, and understood the pattern, the bird quickly grew as I was superbly guided throughout by the clear and friendly pattern instructions.

One feature which I think is particularly user-friendly is the fold out page at the back of the book. On it is the basic pattern for all the birds, so that you dont have to keep flip-flopping back and forth through the pages to follow the next steps if youre making a more ornate bird.

Whether you make one of the European garden birds, the mesmerising Birds of Paradise, or those with enchanting markings inspired by Mexican embroidery, itll surely be loved and treasured. I know that I shall definitely be making more after my test piece.

As a first introduction to Arne and Carlos, Im not sure I couldve hoped for a more enjoyable, charming, and fascinating book. Its beautifully-presented, and is a perfect size, so it shows the creations in the photographs in excellent detail. This is already one of my favourite knitting books, even just to look at.

Customer Review

I absolutely love this book. It is huge, and crammed full of exciting projects. It is done like a field guide, but instead of just reading, and looking at the pictures, you get to make the birds.
It tells you all you need, including materials to buy, with clear and easy to follow patterns.
Best of all, in my opinion, is the clever layout and format of the book. Chapters like "Birds in Traditional Sweaters" and "Rare Birds of Paradise" have me drooling at the prospect of getting my knitting needles clacking.
Do buy this book. You won't be disappointed. It would also make a great gift for anyone into knitting.
Well done Arne & Carlos. I can't wait to see what you come up with next

Customer Review

I was sent a free copy of this book to review, as a prize. It's just lovely, such a pretty book.

I have made one bird (without the feet/stand), which my daughter proclaimed to be "super cute!" and immediately claimed for her room - it is now hanging from the top of her mirror. She wants us to make some of the sequinned and feathered ones, and the ones with little glasses and hats together for the little Christmas tree in her room later in the year, which is really lovely because she's 16 and generally doesn't really want to make stuff with her mum any more!

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that enjoys making things, and can knit even a little bit. It looks wonderful, and contains simple, easy to follow step-by-step instructions, even for someone like me that has not been knitting for very long

Customer Review

This book has lovely bright illustrations.
The birds are all based on the same basic structure and then each one has a different pattern to produce the different designs.
The back cover has a fold out section which has the basic structure on. This is really useful as you can refer back to this without having to turn the pages back in the book.
As the patterns are knitted in the round with double pointed needles I would say that they are ideal for a knitter with more experience rather than a beginner.
Lovely range of designs from those that look like real birds to those that have imaginative designs and colours

Customer Review

This lovely book would suit intermediate and experienced knitters although once you have mastered the basic pattern a beginner could manage this..

I started with a plain white bird just so I could see what I was knitting, but it was quite easy to follow, and I made the legs using a coloured pipe cleaner.

The book gives you some lovely ideas of how what you can use your little birds for and even provides the patterns for other ideas such as a tea cosy with a little robin on top perfect gift for someone at Christmas!

There is a delightful section on garden birds which shows all our English birds especially the lovely blackbird-which was the next bird I made -with its yellow beak. Easy instructions to make a stand for your bird are given to put your birds on display.

I am moving onto the blue tit and the bullfinch next to give to my neighbour for the birdboxes he makes for charity and then onto the robin for Christmas decorations.

There is a section to make rare birds of paradise with instructions or ideas on how to decorate them with sequins and feathers but to be honest the good old English garden birds are just as cute they dont need any extra! If you want there are patterns so you can make little hats and scarves for the winter birds!!!!

The joy of this book is you can finally find something useful to knit with all those tiny odds and ends of wool. One basic patterns covers all birds and it doesnt matter what type of wool you use. Once you have knitted one little bird you want to go on and make another and although the book provides the chart for which colours to use it motiv

Owl in stitches

Firstly I would say if your not a fan of working in DPN's (double pointed needles) then this isn't the book for you as all the birds are created mostly in the round ..with just a small section worked in rows back and forth, but if you have no issues with DNP's then this book is a must! Arne & Carlos have really let there imaginations run wild again with some fantastic birds from magpies to my favourite the I DO I DO I DO.

Not only are the patterns written and presented in a clear format but further instructions on the construction and finishing touches are given clearly with photos to support. Finishing touches include sequins, feathers, and beads to really jazz up the birds!

This book really is a must for any knitter looking for some quick, fun, and quirky projects, and another great thing is they are great stash busters with only small amounts of yarn needed for each bird.

I love the idea of creating a selection of birds and hiding them around the garden. They will make great eye catching decorations and when my daughter gets a bit older we can go on an adventure around the garden bird spotting!

Full review and images: http://owlinstitches.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/field-guide-to-knitted-birds-book-review.html

TSS Reviews

I run a small craft group and we all have our own speciality skills, but we all like to knit. I love this book and I know my members will too. We have been intending to knit birds for a while and I cant wait to show the girls this new book by Arne and Carlos (the authors) whose work we are all familiar with.

The content consists of bird knitting patterns and how to make them 3D including leg and claw modelling frameworks which you attach to the birds to complete. The patterns are geometric shapes; the kind you see on traditional sweaters. The suggested yarns to use are luxury, natural fibres by the company Schachenmayr

The authors also have a strong online presence and produce videos that visually instruct and explain all that is detailed in their books. Like the videos, the book itself, gives clear instructions, and includes helpful diagrams and full-colour photographs. The book is a beautifully presented.

Customer Review

I am not an experienced knitter but found the instructions clear and easy to follow. I anticipate many hours emptying my stash to make lots of birds.

Customer Review

Love love love this book. Very colourful and easy and quick to knit! Lots of beautiful pictures

Customer Review

My initial impressions on this book, were that it looked great - brilliant colourful pictures that looked fun.

I found the actual patterns a bit tricky at first - I would class myself as an intermediate knitter, the patterns are very well written and very clear, it just took a bit of getting my head round. For this reason I would say this book was most suitable for intermediate to advanced knitters, beginners might struggle a bit.

There is a wide range of birds, the majority all based around the same basis pattern - my favourite has to be the bird wearing glasses!

Overall a nicely written and very colourful book, perfect for those wishing to knit a feathered friend of their own.

Customer Review

This book is beautiful and a joy to look at. It's much bigger than I expected and filled with detailed photography. There are many different patterns to try from realistic to the more imaginative and I will enjoy making some for gifts. I like that it includes how to make stands out of wire to look like the birds legs as they really do add something to the finished design. They instructions are very detailed and easy to understand. I'm looking forward to making the projects.

Customer Review

This book is beautiful, not just for the knitting patterns but for the gorgeous pictures and the little expressions on the birdies faces once they're knitted up! It's a funny and kitsch book, with little projects the whole way through to make you smile. Some nice simple patterns for beginners with well-known birds and then more fancy exotic sparkly designs later on. Each bird can easily be personalised and these projects are fantastic for using up yarn odds and ends.
I would personally make slightly different feet for my birds as the ones in the book are a little too chunky if I was making a more delicate bird but that's just me. They make a feature of theirs which look very artistic. A great selection of mini accessories too for your new knitted feathered friends, and as always with Arne and Carlos' books very detailed and clear instructions.

Customer Review

What's not to love about another Arne & Carlos pattern book?

This one's is especially charming, and offers beautiful and interesting patterns to knit super sweet birds with lots of character, and heaps of clever embellishment ideas. I have already knit a couple of birds which will be given to friends and family as Xmas decorations/gifts.

This is not a beginner's book, however the instructions are clear and concise, and if you are confident, easy to get the hang of.

Adorable book, and an excellent addition to your collection.

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