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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 20 March 2019
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782216230
  • Stock: 23 in stock
  • Size: 190x235 mm
  • Illustrations: 40
  • Pages: 64
  • RRP: £8.99
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Making Soap


18 luxurious soaps to make and give using natural ingredients by Kathrin Landmann

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Book Description

Beautifully photographed, this beginner-friendly guide has everything you need to make 18 lovely soaps. Inspirational for seasoned soap-makers as well, the recipes use only natural ingredients that are kind to the skin and our environment. From olive oil to juniper and cucumber to honey, there are lots of gorgeous fragrances and colours to satisfy everyone.

With comprehensive information on where to start and what you need, the book includes essential tips on utensils, safety issues to consider, and by a step-by-step guide to making soap. There are also useful sections on fragrances and natural colourings and additives such as coffee and cinnamon. This book tells you everything you need to know about making your own hand-crafted soap, using tools most people already own

An addictive hobby, you will find yourself making lovely, personalised soap ideas for gifting.

Table of Contents

Foreword 5
Principles 6
What is natural soap? 6
The soap maker’s language 6
Working utensils for making soap 13
Safety first 15
Making soap 16
Fragrances, colours and additives 18
Soap recipes 21
Soap on a rope (basic recipe) 21
Confetti soap 23
Olive oil soap 25
Salt soap 27
Coffee soap 29
Life is better at the beach 31
Orange & Neroli 33
Salt water soap 35
Juniper Berry 37
Genie in a bottle 39
Almond milk soap 41
Guinness soap 43
Soap cupcakes & floating soap 45
Detergents 47
Shaving soap 49
Cucumber soap 51
Patterned soaps 53
Honey soap 55
Troubleshooting 56
Solid fats and butters 58
List of saponification numbers 60
Sources 61
Thanks 62
About the author 63

About the Author

About Kathrin Landmann

At her soap factory in Worms in Germany, Kathrin Landmann makes natural cosmetics ranging from facial care and bathing products to soaps, deodorants and much more. She personally tests all her products, which contain nothing harmful to the environment or skin. All her products originate from certified organic farms. For more information about Kathrin go to www.evebutterflysoaps.de 


Crafts Beautiful - Christmas Special 2020

Beginner-friendly guide to making 18 lovely soaps using only natural ingredients that are kind to the environment. From olive oil to juniper and cucumber to honey, there are lots of gorgeous fragrances and colours to satisfy everyone.

A beautifully present book, the pictures are divine, not sure my soap will look this good anytime soon but something to aspire to. The descriptions/ instructions are clear and easy to follow! Christmas here we come.

Tracy Brown
Customer Review

Customer review

A well-detailed book on how to make soap. I never realised so many ingredients were required to make soap but am determined to give it a go.

Customer review

I was so excited to get this book through I have always wanted to try this and this is the perfect book to start making soap. There is so many different ones you can make and clear instructions with photos. Perfect details of what you will need and calculations detailed to make it even easier. There is even a list of different oils and what they are good to use for. I also love the fact there is a troubleshooting part so if you do get stuck everything is covered. So glad I got this book and can't wait to get started making soaps.

Customer review

The book begins with the principles of soapmaking which were a little mindblowing for this first timer, but obviously necessary and, no doubt, not an issue once youve got your ingredients organised and your instructions in front of you. There is a very helpful sample calculation for ingredients (and, we are assured, there are easier calculators to be found online) and a table showing the saponification values of different fats and oils, which makes everything seem a lot less daunting because it means less maths! There are beautiful photographs throughout the book (some look practically edible) and the balance of pictures to text is good.

The author makes a point of reminding the reader about how to actually protect themselves when using Sodium Hydroxide, rather than just saying be careful. This gave me confidence in her advice. I was also comforted and emboldened by the phrase, it will always turn into soap. It seems that soapmaking allows a lot of room for experimentation and, even if things didnt come out quite like youd envisaged, the end product will still be usable.

I appreciated that the soaps were eco-friendly, made from natural ingredients, and focused on being non-irritant. There are 18 recipes, beginning with a basic soap-on-a-rope, the photo of which was far more glamorous than the miniature imitation boxing glove I lathered up with in the 1980s! I was particularly inspired by a recipe that utilises coffee grounds, another which repurposes mini bundt cases, and yet another which uses annatto powder as a colouring. With a comprehensive list of optional additions, including suggestions for ingredients that create a scrub effect, the different projects are very varied. From Laundry Soap to Guinness Soap to a Floating Soap, theres a bit of everything.

The instructions to make the basic soap, and subsequent variations, are clear and thorough. Some of the ingredient lists were a little overwhelming, but I am aware that there are suppliers who will stock them all in one place. My guess is that the trick is to view the process in the same way as baking a cake: have all your stuff to hand, one thing at a time, carefully weighed. I get the feeling that preparation is everything in this hobby.

At 64 pages long, this book is quite a slim volume, but I get the sense that everything you need is there. The price is fair, as youre buying a wealth of knowledge and a reassuring voice.

Though Ive not tried any soapmaking yet, the tone of the writing makes me confident that all the recipes have been tested and should turn out well and, if they dont, there is always the handy Troubleshooting section at the back of the book! I expect I will have to psych myself up before trying out the techniques, but I really loved this book and it did make me want to have a go. I now need to invest in a pair of digital scales

Customer review

The book is very informative. Pictures were great. Shows some lovely shapes and fragrance/ingredient combinations. 

Customer review

Who knew that making soap was so sciency?! The author clearly knows what she's talking about and for those who really want to get into soap-making I am sure it would be most helpful. It's a well-written book with beautiful photographs so worth the price. 

Craft Focus

Offering a lovely introduction to this addictive hobby, Making Soap has everything crafters need to produce 18 different blends. Each recipe uses natural ingredients such as olive oil, juniper, cucumber and honey, which are kind to both skin and the environment. The book also includes information on utensils, safety issues and step-by-step guides, together with a useful section on fragrances, natural colourings and other additives. 

Making soap is riding high in the popularity stakes, and this visual guide shows readers everything they need to get started. 

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