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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback 64pp + 32pp/16 sheets of iron-on transfers, pocket on inside-back cover for transfer storage
  • Publication: 06 July 2020
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782218012
  • Stock: 50+
  • Size: 216x280 mm
  • Illustrations: 200
  • Pages: 96
  • RRP: £9.99
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Thread Doodling


Over 20 modern designs for stitching in the moment by Carina Envoldsen-Harris

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Book Description

Over 20 different contemporary embroideries to transfer and stitch, plus 11 extra transfer designs to get your creative juices flowing!

In Carina's latest book, discover how to 'doodle' embroider and create over 20 different designs full of colour and personality

Kickstart your journey to original, personal doodle work with a variety of designs, ranging from formal patterns such as geometrics, mandalas, labyrinths and knots gardens to more experimental, free-form shapes that will encourage you to explore your skills and creativity. Then, be taken step by step through Carina's 'Garden' sampler, so you can see how to forge a unique embroidery yourself with no design to follow.

The 22 designs can fit either in a 3- or 6-inch hoop, which are easy to source instore or online. Each of Carina's designs will include photographs of the finished embroidery, a thread key, a stitch diagram and suggestions of how to work the design. In addition, Carina will give advice on how to rework her embroidery, to encourage your own creativity. At the back of the book, a corresponding transfer can be found so that you can easily draw the design outline onto your own fabric.

Essential materials and easy-to-follow techniques chapters can be found at the beginning of the book, along with step-by-step stitch diagrams for the 15 embroidery stitches used to make all the designs in the book providing you with a fuss-free, colourful crash-course.

Finally, there are 11 extra transfers at the back of the book, offering variations and ideas for you to dive into and work up your own unique stitcheries! 

Table of Contents

Materials & equipment8
Stitch dictionary10
Preparing a hoop16
Using waste canvas17
The embroideries18
Taking the designs further: exploring your creativity60
Doodle sampler: ‘The Garden62’
Transferring the designs64
The transfers65

About the Author

About Carina Envoldsen-Harris

Carina Envoldsen-Harris is a Danish designer, blogger and author living in the UK. She has a background in multimedia design as well as in art history and Italian language. Under the name Polka & Bloom, Carina has been designing and selling embroidery patterns since 2009. The patterns combine her life-long passion for art, design, history and nature, often including floral motifs and bright colours, and which she sells successfully via her online store, along with hand-embellished items of clothing and accessories

Carina is the author of Romantic Motifs (2016), Mandalas to Embroider (2017) and Thread Doodling (2021), all published by Search Press. Carina lives in Essex, UK. For more information about Carina visit her website www.carinascraftblog.com.


Machine Knitting Monthly

Discover how to 'doodle' embroider with this fuss-free, colourful crash-course. There are over 20 different designs plus 11 extra transfers offering variations and ideas. Essential chapters on materials and techniques are included, along with step-by-step diagrams for the 15 stitches used.


I love this book. It starts with the basics and explains how to do different stitches. It also includes reusable iron on transfers. I can see me and my daughter becoming addicted to thread doodling.


I very often find that, with books like this, there are only one or two designs I would want to make. I was drawn to the book purely for the labyrinth pattern, however looking through all of the designs I know that I will be making most of them. As well as the designs listed as projects there are some extras too which are equally lovely.

The reusable transfer was simple to apply and the design is clear and crisp. There are several pages at the beginning of the book which explain how to do the different stitches, including diagrams. With the variety of patterns and if you use various colour choices the possibilities are endless. This would make a lovely gift, especially if paired with hoops and threads to get started.


I won this book in a competition and I am so glad that I did! The designs in the book are suitable for beginners in thread doodling to people with more experience. Carina gives excellent instructions and tips for each design and there is also a guide at the front of the book to teach the techniques of the various stitches used. There are iron on transfers at the back of the book that can each be used up to ten times. After use there is a handy pocket in the back of the book to keep the transfers safe ready to use again. With each design Carina shows the stitches needed and the suggested DMC silk colour numbers. I can't wait to get started with these projects and will definitely be looking at Carina's other books that she has available.


This book is a breath of fresh air for embroiderers. All of the designs are modern and fun as well as approachable by new sewers but the big difference is that they are really suggestions and inspiration to make the designs your own by choosing different colours or substituting another stitch. Lots of clear stitch diagrams and instructions for each design and there are iron-on patterns galore to get you started straightaway. 

Postcard Reviews

Thread Doodling is a very pretty book and it has the most beautiful designs to stitch. Each project has a different technique and the patterns are transferred using the iron-on transfers which are included in the book. Each transfer can be used up to 10 times.

The 'stitcheries' are not very large, but they are perfectly sized for some quiet time, just to sit and sew. Each one can be transformed just by using a different colour thread or using a different stitch.

I love the idea of free form stitching, you can let your imagination flow and Thread Doodling is ideal for this kind of sewing.

There are over 20 ideas and patterns to create. You can make them into samplers, cushions or use the ideas to adorn your clothing. I think denim jackets look great with embroidery doodles on them. 

There is a stitch dictionary, with the stitches you will need to know, the author has used DMC threads, but as always you can use whatever you have in your stash.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced stitcher, this book will inspire you to sew, as it is filled with beautiful patterns and is complete with hints and tips to help guide you.

Sew Magazine

Ommm! It's time to practise mindfulness with designer Carina Envoldsen-Harris' calming stitchy 'doodles'. Traditional patterns such as geometrics, mandalas, labyrinths and knot gardens are effortlessly merged with experimental free-form shapes. Every project is designed to foster creativity and inner peace, all while creating something beautiful in the process.


I love this book, it's perfect for experienced stitchers as well as beginners. It contains 20 fresh modern designs all beautifully photographed. It also includes reusable iron-on transfers.

For anyone new to thread doodling there are step-by-step stitch guides as well as general information regarding preparing your hoop and clear instructions of how to transfer your chosen design. The only issue is knowing which design to pick first.


Grab a hoop, needle and floss and pick one of these twenty designs for instant mindful stitching.  This book is all about stitching in the moment and getting lost in the fun and relaxing art of freestyle hand embroidery.  There are designs to stitch just as they are, and for more confident embroiderers there are others to be customized.

You dont need to be an experienced embroiderer to tackle any of these projects, although there is plenty here for any level to enjoy.  You only need the basics to start, namely fabric, hoop, and suitable needles and floss although even here you can stitch the designs in any type of thread.  Instructions and staged photographs are given for preparing a hoop, working with waste canvas, and starting/finishing your thread as well as quite a number of stitches.  Each of the twenty designs is featured on a two spread with large photographs of the finished work, colour diagrams, lists of stitches and numbers for DMC floss.  There is a short piece on what inspired the design, a nice touch to get your own creative juices flowing plus suggestions for customization.  The last project shows you how to take it further with a freeform piece; the inset photographs show how to build it up from scratch.  This would be even better if they were just a little larger, but there are written instructions too.  The rest of the book contains the transfers, each of which can be used up to ten times and is printed on a perforated page.  As well as the twenty designs there are other smaller motifs and some borders, plus a few blackwork patterns.  At the beginning of the book is a page with ideas for using your designs including clothing, accessories, and household items.  Fun, colourful and contemporary this is freestyle embroidery for the modern embroiderer.


A bright and colourful book with easy to understand patterns. It also gives you ideas to let you use your imagination to create patterns of your own. Love the idea that there is a pocket at the back of the book to keep your patterns safe. Cant wait to have a go at some of the patterns.

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