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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BB Hardback HB folder with 48-page PB book and 128-page book of iron-on transfers
  • Publication: 31 August 2021
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782218920
  • Stock: Temporarily Out of Stock
  • Size: 216x280 mm
  • Illustrations: 176
  • Pages: 176
  • RRP: £19.99
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Transfer & Stitch


140 beautiful designs to embroider by Carina Envoldsen-Harris & Sally McCollin

Out of Stock
Book Description

Create exquisite embroideries with this inspiring collection of reusable iron-on embroidery motifs.

Discover your favourite embroidery designs from the best-selling Transfer & Stitch series in this gorgeous, yet handy, folder edition. In the folder, you'll find an invaluable stitching guide with advice on tools and materials, essential stitches, transferring the designs and hooping up your fabric; and a separate transfer book with 140 stunning embroidery outlines of flowers, borders, insects, hearts and more ready for you to cut out and iron straight onto your fabric.

The stitching guide includes stitched examples of all the motifs to inspire your own embroideries, and inspiration for using the motifs to embellish clothes, cushions and other fabric items.

Use a single motif, or mix and match several designs, to create embroidered wall art or to embellish clothes, gifts and items around the home. When you're finished, store your transfer in the folder where it can be reused multiple times to craft beautiful, embroidered masterpieces again and again.

About the Author

About Carina Envoldsen-Harris

Carina Envoldsen-Harris is a Danish designer, blogger and author living in the UK. She has a background in multimedia design as well as in art history and Italian language. Under the name Polka & Bloom, Carina has been designing and selling embroidery patterns since 2009. The patterns combine her life-long passion for art, design, history and nature, often including floral motifs and bright colours, and which she sells successfully via her online store, along with hand-embellished items of clothing and accessories

Carina is the author of Romantic Motifs (2016), Mandalas to Embroider (2017) and Thread Doodling (2021), all published by Search Press. Carina lives in Essex, UK. For more information about Carina visit her website www.carinascraftblog.com.

About Sally McCollin

Sally started her career in the textile industry back in the 1980s, firstly for Knitmaster UK then for Patons and Baldwins, which later became Coats Crafts UK. She then transferred to their threads division, where she worked extensively with a variety of crafts-based magazines and web sites to provide editorial features and projects. During this time, she gained her PGCE and progressed to teaching and lecturing in Further and Higher Education establishments, based in the North East. Using her specialist knowledge and foreign language skills, Sally also provides translations and artwork for European crafts-based suppliers. 

Sally delivers talks and workshops within the textile industry and also co-hosts a series of long-running, residential stitching breaks for Brightwater Holidays, both in the UK and abroad, covering all manner of textile-based disciplines.

Sally lives in Teesdale, County Durham.



Sew Magazine

Embroiderers will fall in love with these reusable designs! Crafters Carine Envoldsen-Harris and Sally McCollin demonstrate how to cut out and iron on striking motifs, such as flowers, borders, insects and hearts. You'll discover stitched examples to inspire your own embroideries, whether you opt for a striking piece of wall art or choose to embellish clothes, cushions and gifts. You can also store your transfer in the folder where it can be reused to make beautiful designs again and again. 

Customer Review

I am very impressed with this book. It includes several dozen transfers and ideas how to use them in your work. Im sure they will be very useful additions to my future makes.

Amazon Customer Review

This is an amazing book from Search Press. It's in two halves, one gives you the stitches to use and an examples of what it looks like stitched. The other half has all the transfers to iron on.

They transfer to your material easily and can be reused. This will save me a fortune in not having to buy kits to sew, now I can choose and even incorporate more than one transfer to design exactly what I like. If you stuck for a gift for a sewing friend I thoroughly recommend this very reasonably priced book.

Amazon Customer Review

This is so much better than I imagined! Looks like a hard backed book, but when you open it, it's actually two soft backs, one with the transfers in, and the other a stitching guide, with instructions on various embroidery stitches and suggestions on how you could use the designs.

I think it's important to say that the designs are largely floral, with the odd insects and hearts too. It would make a lovely gift for an embroiderer, and would be OK even for a beginner, as the instructions are very clear. I like the fact that it gives ideas on how to use the designs, but I think I'll be using my own ideas too! I think it's really good value for money too, as the transfers are reusable, up to ten times.

Customer Review

This is a beautifully presented set of two books. It's a really good size and I love how both books come in a separate wallet section. The first book explains everything you need to get started with some very handy tips and also how to use the transfers. It also features really good images that show how to do all of the embroidery stitches. It then goes on to show examples of how the transfers could be stitched or used. It's an excellent book and suitable for both beginners and any embroidery enthusiast. It's very well written.

The second book is the book of transfers with 140 transfers, each of which can be used 10 times. This is great value for money! The designs are mostly floral with some heart designs, bugs and some birds. The sizes of designs vary so there really is something for any project. Once you cut out designs for transfer, the wallet can be used to store them in for future uses. I love how the designs can be stitched differently. You could choose to just do the outline or fill in the design using any stitches you choose. It really is a great, versatile set of books that any embroider enthusiast should add to their collection!

Machine Knitting Monthly

Create lovely embroideries with this collection of reusable iron-on motifs and don't forget we can use single motifs, or mix several designs to turn into patterns for machine knitting. The transfers store in the folder can be reused multiple times.


When you open this fabulous folder edition, there are two books inside. One book contains step-by-step photos of embroidery tutorials followed by images of the finished embroidery designs themselves and ideas for how to use those designs (tablecloths etc).

The imagery is exquisite, and the stitch tutorials are very clear and accessible.

The second book contains the reusable embroidery transfers themselves. I love that theyre multi-use so that you can use them again and again (and again and again!) You simply cut out the page of the transfer design that youd like to embroider, place it face down onto your fabric, cover it with a tea-towel and iron!

When you remove the paper transfer, you have a folder ready to store it in thanks to this new edition! You are then left with the stunning design on your fabric ready to start embroidering.

The book doesnt give you a step-by-step tutorial for which stitches to use on the design. The idea is that the book acts as a source of inspiration and then you, as the stitcher, can use any stitch/thread/colour combination to make it your own. Personally, I think this can be both a pro and a con. If youre new to embroidery or not very confident in designing embroidery, it could feel quite overwhelming to have to choose the stitches yourself. Conversely, it could act as a springboard for creativity so that you can make it to the style youd prefer.

The designs themselves are fantastic. Such a huge variety of designs and motifs so there is sure to be multiple designs that catch your eye and heart! This will make a breathtakingly beautiful and creative gift for yourself and for loved ones too with inspiration aplenty!

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