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  • Publisher: Lucky Spool Media
  • Edition: BB Hardback
  • Publication: 01 August 2016
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781940655147
  • Stock: 50+
  • Size: 216x228 mm
  • Illustrations: 320
  • Pages: 192
  • RRP Price: £20.99
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The Quilt Block Cookbook


50 Block Recipes, 7 Sampler Quilts, Endless Possibilities by Amy Gibson

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Book Description

The Quilt Block Cookbook is a thoughtfully curated volume of 50 different 12-inch quilt blocks in a variety of complexities and styles. 

The Quilt Block Cookbook is a thoughtfully curated volume of 50 different 12-inch quilt blocks in a variety of complexities and styles. Quilt blocks are like a box of chocolates - each one is a mini euphoria on its own. And when paired with other blocks, they’re simply delectable! Most quilt blocks are comprised of basic elements, and you’ll learn the ingredients for each. In addition to the 50 blocks and the 7 sampler quilts, quilters will also learn how to use their quilt blocks in many different ways, creating dynamic design repeats by tapping into the limitless possibilities of block-based quilts.

'This is a book about creating quilt blocks but presented in traditional cookery book style. And you know what? It's actually a rather clever format.' Popular Patchwork June 2017

Table of Contents

Introduction, Getting Started, Stocking the Kitchen, Ingredients Chart, Construction Techniques, Season to Taste: Customizing Your Blocks, The Blocks, 3x3 Units, 4x4 Units, 5x5 Units, 6x6 Units, Staples: Simple Blocks, The Quilts: 8 Innovative Sampler Layouts, Beyond the Sampler: Block Quilts to Sink Your Teeth into.


Popular Patchwork

I guess you could call me a foodie, perhaps even downright greedy. Ive got shelves full of cookery books and only have to catch an episode of Jamie Oliver
making a posh fish finger buttie and Im raiding the cupboards (although sadly never seem to have the capers, oh well). So, the point is, when I was asked to review The Quilt Block Cookbook, I was already imagining a host of comfort food recipes designed to eat whilst snuggled up under a quilt, watching the latest Scandi Noir. Not so. This is a book about creating quilt blocks but  presented in traditional cookery book style. And you know what? Its actually a rather clever format (setting my appetite needs aside). This handsome hardback
is laid out in chapters called Stocking your Kitchen, Ingredients, and features block recipes called things like Mango Tango and Pumpkin Pie.
The blocks are sectioned into grids of 3 x 3, 4 x 4 etc. with 50 yummy flavours or blocks to choose from. Lemon Whip is a 3 x 3 grid made up of petal units;
a diamond in a square unit and quarter square triangle units and the instructions are condensed into two concise pages complete with mouth-watering photography. Amy Gibson is a skilled quilter but is happy to admit that creating blocks gives her that instant hit that is a wonderful little triumph. Having made a few blocks of your own, you might want to try out one of the seven quilts presented at the back of the book. Full Scale is a king-sized quilt requiring only six of your favourite 12in blocks, outlined in weighty frames set on musical staffs. You could even create a community quilt by combining blocks with your friends. You know what though? I hate sharing my food!

Love Patchwork and Quilting

If youve ever thought that a quilt project is a lot like a recipe, youre not alone! Amy Gibson has brought together two of our favourite things in her new book, The Quilt Block Cookbook. Using classic quilting ingredients of HSTs and Flying Geese, shes created fifty different recipes for modern quilt blocks, as well as seven sampler quilt designs for mixing them all together. We fell in love when we saw doughnuts and sprinkles on the project pages!

Crochet Addict UK

This is one brilliant book! I have recently started quilting and it is such a huge craft that sometimes it can be overwhelming. This book takes the blocks you can make and put them in one easy to follow book. Each block is in the book with clear pictures to show you the different parts, a picture of the completed block and a picture of the finished square. You also get cutting instructions as well as Make It instructions. You will not believe the amount of squares you can make and how different they all look. At the start of the book it is explained
how to use the book. How to work with different units to make different looks and sizes. All of the tools you will need are discussed so you will be clear what you need to get first. The blocks are then in sections: Basic Triangles, Corner Cutters, Short & Tall Triangles, Bursts & Blooms & Straight Aways. As you near the back of the book you are then given quilts to make from the squares. There are step-by-step instructions to help you complete your quilt. Then you are given step-by-step instructions, pictures and diagrams to teach you how to quilt the different shapes and how to paper piece. At the back you will find a unit sizing chart and the templates for the different shapes you will use within the squares. This is the type of book you will use time and again.
Whoever or whatever the occasion for making a quilt you are sure to put together brilliant designs from within the book.

Popular Patchwork

Lucky Spool are gaining a reputation for beautifully designed instructional craft books, and this latest from Amy Gibson is no exception. It is attractively presented, with a thick hardback cover and full of stunning photography. I also have a soft spot for block books that are square as I see it as a subliminal 'take a trip to the land of blocks' mkessage. As hinted in the title the format of the book takes its lead from cookery books, with references to 'stocking your kitchen', equipment you may need and 'ingredients, in reference to the units that make up blocks. The units are separated into five categories which makes it a very approachable book, and beginners, as well as those with more expewrience will be inspired by all the different designs that can be made from these relatively simple beginnings . The book contains 50 blocks, all clearly photographed, with each finisahed block shown as it looks when sewn rather than illustrated. If you are a fan of Instragram, you will love the pictures in this bookof the units on differnt backgrounds styleed with food and other kitchen props. My favourite part is towards the back of the book is towards the back where there are patterns for seven sampler quilts, each one with an interesting layout. As someone who usually finishes sampler quilts in the standard grid format with sashing it was good to see wquilts that make me consider them in a more design led way. Whilst the deisng of the book is what attracted me in the first place, it has a huge amount of content and so is a great addition to a craft book collection

An exciting recipe book for quilters. Discover 50 quilt blocks, 7 sampler quilts and all the possibilities of playing with colour and more. This book contains twenty 3 x 3 blocks, ten 4 x 4 blocks, six 5 x 5 blocks, four 6 x 6 blocks, and ten staples. As well as the seven sampler quilts, youll find a chapter headed Beyond the sampler, construction techniques, piecing guide, perfect pairings, sizing guide and templates. This book sets you up with 50 fabulous blocks that can be used in so many ways, samplers that you can adapt, design ideas and so much more. Bring your creativity to play and youll be creating so many quilts with this book. Mix and match for startling results, play with triangles, squares and shape incorporating flying geese and more. Each block is seen over two pages and just like a recipe, you see the ingredients and the finished block, all in full colour. The fabric requirements, cutting and make-up are all given in clear instructions. Lemon Whip is a favourite with triangle blocks, leaf or floral shapes combined to make a harmonious whole. As a slight negative, on the whole the colour combinations are not very good to my eye, but youll be using your own fabrics and colour ideas, so this does not detract from the blocks. The sampler quilts do have colour harmonies. All in all this is an excellent book to add to your quilting library.

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